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Minnesota’s solar market is growing fast (with chart)

Minnesota installed 203 MW-DC of solar during the first quarter, adding to 207 MW deployed in 2016. The state is expecting to reach more than 800 MW of installed capacity by the end of this year.

Study: Midwest houses significant solar potential (with a Top 10 list)

Data collected by a Department of Energy Sunshot Initiative funded startup joined forces with realty firm Redfin to identify the Top 10 Midwestern cities with the most untapped solar potential.

BREAKING: Court approves Sungevity sale to Northern Pacific

A Delaware bankruptcy court judge yesterday approved the $50 million sale of the residential solar installer to private equity firm Northern Pacific Group.

GUEST ANALYSIS: Getting the Price Right for Local Wind and Solar

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Report: Muni governments should work together on community solar

Though a multi-community approach can bring additional challenges, it can also bring cost savings by creating bigger projects and leveraging the expertise of more experts, says Minnesota solar advocacy group Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs).

BREAKING: Minnesota governor vetoes bill to exempt co-ops from regulation

Faced with the prospect of giving unregulated utilities the right to charge solar customers any fees they wanted, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton took a stand and vetoed a bill that would have done just that.

Bills before Minnesota governor could affect solar fees

Bills to remove Minnesota’s electrical co-ops from Public Utilities Commission go before Gov. Mark Dayton today, giving them the power to set their own fee structures without oversight – and target solar customers as a separate rate class.

Study proves (again) that net metering can undervalue solar

At the behest of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Minnesota Power submitted a Value of Solar Tariff plan – and proved (yet again) that as even the best net-metering plan can undervalue what solar means to the grid and ratepayers.

Minnesota lawmakers propose 50% renewables by 2030

The aggressive, bipartisan legislation to pursue renewable energy in the state follows an Xcel Energy announcement that it put 32 MW of community solar projects online. These plans for renewables come at the same time a bill makes its way through the legislature that would snuff out Minnesota’s solar incentive.


SEIA seeks Midwest expansion

The national solar association is setting up a committee to focus on solar expansion in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin in a move designed to refocus the association on state-level policy battles, which are where most observers believe the future of solar will now be decided.

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