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RMI: Community solar market could reach $30 billion

Long rumored to be a market the industry needed to exploit, RMI says challenging – but fixable – barriers remain.

BP backs 20 MW solar project in Kansas

Another Plains State will add a solar farm under the auspices of Lighthouse BP, the result of BP’s acquisition last year that heralded its return to the solar market.

DEPCOM wins custody of solar modules

The victory over CSUN for possession of $1.6 million of solar modules, however, was just the beginning of an ongoing dispute between the two companies.

Montana utility seeks proposals for 45 MW of renewable energy generation

State law requires NorthWestern to procure energy from Community Renewable Energy Projects that meet certain criteria including cost-effectiveness for its customers.

More community solar planned for the Cornhusker State

Fremont, Nebraska, is asking for proposals for a community solar project less than a week after Omaha revealed the structure of its planned community solar program.

NextEra Energy Resources sues U.S. government for $127 million

A lawuit filed last week against the U.S. Treasury will attempt to recover money NextEra claims the government owes it under the Section 1603 grant program.

New Mexico senator creates sweeping solar toolkit for state

In an effort to boost the state’s solar industry, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich created a solar roadmap for businesses, government entities, schools and other commercial properties.

Study: FERC ruling will spur development of 50 GW of energy storage

According to The Brattle Group, at least half of the total value of this growth would be achievable in wholesale electricity markets, with the remainder accruing at the distribution grid and customer level.

New York sanctions larger community solar projects

The Empire State’s Public Service Commission will now allow projects up to 5 MW to participate in the program, from 2 MW previously.


New Jersey solar RPS increase weds nuclear bailout bill in committee hearing

There WERE two bills pending in the New Jersey legislature. Now there is one – and it increases the state’s renewable portfolio standard and solar carve-out while also offering subsidies for nuclear plants.


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