Utilities still have a long way to go to construct coherent solar strategies

A new study suggests that utilities recognize they don’t have coherent policies for solar programs but are having difficulties creating them.

Solar remains largely unscathed as House tax bill passes

Though there are modifications to the hard-won investment tax credit step-down provisions, it appears the bill leaves the solar industry largely alone.

More states use solar plants to protect bumble bee populations

Following dire reports of bee-colony collapses in recent years, at least three new solar sites in Florida and Maryland are trying to provide safe havens for these critical links in the food chain.

Water still wet: Financial concerns drive decision to go solar

A new survey of 2,666 homeowners confirms that potential savings on electricity costs drive decisions to go solar, but also notes the importance of referrals.

Oregon governor says new homes must be solar ready by 2020

Commercial builders, don’t worry: Governor Kate Brown didn’t forget about you. All new-build commercial buildings will have to be solar ready by 2022.


That’s SMART: Massachusetts solicits 100 MW of solar under new program

After more than a year of negotiations, input and intense lobbying from solar advocates, the Bay State is requesting bids to build the first 100 MW of new solar projects under the state’s new SMART program.

Community battery systems? Yep – if Colorado co-op’s pilot succeeds

The idea of community solar has been largely accepted by both the industry and public alike. Could purchasing part of a backup battery system be far behind?

They want YOU: SEPA seeks input on grid-management system guide

As more distributed generation assets are added to the grid, utilities are searching for electricity-management systems to help them deal with their new assets – and SEPA wants your help in developing standards for them.

Virginia certainly not for small-scale solar lovers

What happens when you set up a solar-promotion commission and it doesn’t do, like, anything to promote solar? Exactly what you’d expect: nothing.


Minnesota community solar capacity soars to 170 MW

According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Minnesota’s long ballyhooed community solar program has exploded, with more than 100 projects reaching a capacity of 170 MW of electricity.