Trump’s Infrastructure Council shrouded in secrecy

On July 19, President Donald J. Trump established ANOTHER “advisory council” to deal with the nation’s infrastructure. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, according to a lawsuit, few others did, either.

Tallahassee to move from hydro to solar

The decision to shutter the 11-MW C.H. Corn Hydroelectric Station by the city’s municipal utility comes down to cost and reliability – something the city believes it can get more effectively from solar than water.

Does Trump know government isn’t a feeding trough?

For someone who promised to “drain the swamp,” the president seems hellbent on filling the Department of Energy with his Wall Street cronies and walking, talking conflicts of interest.

BREAKING: Judge approves SunEdison final disposition plan (full decision embedded)

More than a year after the world’s largest renewable energy developer went under, Judge Stuart Bernstein has approved a deal that will allow it to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings over the objections of shareholders and two investors.

California judge backs blocking utility’s TOU rates plan

Southern California Edison’s plans to move customers to time-of-use rates in 2018 have hit a snag as Administrative Law Judge Sophia J. Park has recommended to the PUC that it delay their implementation. A final decision could come Aug. 24.

Coalition coalesces around fighting Suniva’s Section 201 trade case

An extensive and diverse group of activists have banded together to form the Energy Trade Action Coalition and vow to lobby Congress, President Trump and the U.S. International Trade Commission to derail the petition.

Report: Residential, C&I solar permits surge in Florida, Nevada

South Carolina and Pennsylvania also saw significant increases in solar permits granted, but California and Colorado both dropped by nearly 30%, according to the latest OhmHome report.

We have your back: SolarWorld offers deductibleless secondary warranties

The Oregon-based panel manufacturer launched the SolarWorld Assurance Warranty Protection Program for residential and commercial customers, designed to take effect if the original factory coverage could no longer be supported.

Strata Solar implements total quality management program

North Carolina’s largest installer of utility- and commercial-scale solar systems spent two years developing and refining a total quality management program to showcase their commitment to getting projects done right the first time.

They’re back: Campaign for Accountability asks FTC to investigate solar industry

The last time the government watchdog group made solar news, they asked the Oregon attorney general to investigate what they called ‘deceptive sales practices’ in the state. Now they’re asking the Federal Trade Commission to do the same nationwide.


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