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Germany gets the spotlight at RE+ 2024

The renewable energy conference, RE+ 2024, taking place in September in Anaheim, California, will showcase German clean energy companies in the Spotlight Country Pavilion.

Mercedes to bolster PV system at manufacturing facility with SolidFlow battery

The goal is to have a green energy source that runs around the clock.

Triple-junction solar cells have technical potential to reach 44.3% efficiency

A research team has investigated the optical properties of perovskite/perovskite/silicon triple-junction cells and has found these devices may have a practical efficiency potential of 44.3% assuming idealized electrical parameters. These cells may also potentially achieve a fill factor of 90.1%.


U.S. steel solar module frames have one tenth embodied carbon of Chinese aluminum alternatives

An independent study commissioned by Origami Solar and conducted by Boundless Impact Research & Analytics found that U.S.-made recycled steel module frames show a 90.4% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional virgin material aluminum module frames shipped from China.

Fraunhofer ISE, Oxford PV produce 25%-efficient perovskite-silicon tandem PV module

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) announced today that it had produced at 421 W perovskite-silicon tandem glass-glass module measures 1.68 m2.

Meyer Burger to cease PV module production in Germany

Meyer Burger, a Switzerland-based heterojunction cell and panel manufacturer, says it will stop making PV modules in Germany, but it will continue to produce solar cells in the country to support its panel production operations in the United States.

Solar-powered sensors for wildfire detection

An AI-powered sensor was developed by Dryad Networks to detect wildfires and alert first responders.

SolarEdge introduces commercial and industrial EV charging platform

The software manages solar-attached charging EVs for sites that require dynamic load management for multiple on-site vehicles.

Meyer Burger considers U.S. solar cell manufacturing, in talks with Sunrun & Sunnova

In a recent interview with Roth MKM, Meyer Burger indicated that new guidance on the domestic content requirement, along with manufacturing incentives, have boosted their interest in manufacturing the solar cells for their 2 GW Arizona module factory.

CSI Solar announces initial public offering pricing on Shanghai Stock Exchange

Canadian Solar’s global module, battery and inverter solutions business is issuing 541 million shares, or 15% of 3.6 billion outstanding shares, at $1.17 per share (11.10 RMB) raising the equivalent of $848 million in proceeds.

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