Solar power policy roundup April 25

Our first solar power policy roundup looks at a bills to scrap net metering while raising the RPS in Connecticut, the establishment of performance-based ratemaking for utilities in Hawaii, and more.

Does an aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard increase utility rates?

In this op-ed ASU energy security researcher Dr. Wesley Herche demonstrates that for all the talk of renewable energy raising customer rates, there is no correlation between utility rates and ambitious state-level renewable energy mandates.

Colorado enshrines energy storage as a right

A four-page bill signed by the state’s governor declares that the installation of energy storage by utility customers is in the public interest, and prohibits discriminatory charges or regulatory burdens from interfering with this.

PetersenDean Roofing and Solar plans expansions in four states

The roofing and solar provider has identified California, Utah, Colorado and Florida as locations where it is “actively negotiating” to acquire companies.


UPDATED: World’s largest batteries hiding in Colorado bids

Xcel Energy’s December 2017 solicitation results contain bids for energy storage projects at least as large as the current world’s largest under construction, and far larger than the world’s biggest running batteries.


Colorado county approves 75 MW-AC solar project

Cypress Creek’s $136 million Hunter Solar project in Arapahoe County would be the second-largest in the state.

NREL scientists observe perovskite degradation at nano-scale

A team from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed a novel microscopic technique, which enables them to observe degradation in perovskite materials at the nano-scale and pinpoint key areas to improve the stability and durability of the material.

Xcel reports record low prices for solar plus storage

Documents from Xcel’s Colorado subsidiary show a medium price for PV with battery storage of $36/MWh, the lowest known price to date.

Boulder solar incentives to be available Spring 2018

The City of Boulder, Colorado will offer solar grants and rebates around March, 2018 for nonprofits and homeowners.

Big Blue to install big solar in Boulder

IBM has announced plans to install the largest PV system in Boulder, Colorado, which will also be the largest system on IBM property, as the city continues to move toward municipalizing its electricity system.

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