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Colorado modernizes community solar program

Governor Polis signed into law bipartisan legislation that launches a new dispatchable distributed generation program and leverages Solar for All funding to upgrade its grid, lower energy bills for all and promote energy equity.

Colorado co-op United Power is free to pursue renewables after exiting Tri-State

To build out its renewables portfolio, United Power is the latest electric utility co-op in Colorado to exit its long-term power supply contract, while other co-ops plan to let their contracts expire.

50 states of grid modernization

North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center’s recent report looks at how states are doing with legislative and regulatory action related to shoring up the power grid.

Researchers discover additive that enhances perovskite coating process

By adding an ionic pair stabilizer to perovskite cells enables coating to take place in ambient air, simplifying the manufacturing process.

Colorado startup develops air-source steam heat pump for industrial use

Colorado-based AtmosZero has closed a Series A funding round that will help it accelerate the commercialization of its Boiler 2.0 technology. The air-sourced heat pump generates steam for industrial use and can be combined with PV generation and storage.

The top five states for solar deployment in 2023

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released an overview of the top states for solar installation last year.

U.S. residential solar prices drop, strong interest in storage

The 18th edition of the EnergySage Marketplace Report finds the residential solar segment in the U.S. is rocked by persistent inflation, the California NEM 3.0 and rising loan fees. Yet prices have fallen and consumer interest in storage is strong.

Solar season slows, wind power rises

From January through October 2023, solar photovoltaics contributed 5.78% to U.S. electricity, with just over 6% coming from the source in October alone.

S-5! kept environment in mind with new solar-powered corporate headquarters

With native timber and moss covered rocks on the outside, the building has energy efficiency features on the inside and is topped with a 53 kW solar array mounted on its metal roof.

RE+storage better than a Colorado utility’s proposed 400 MW gas unit: Strategen

Developers’ bids for solar, wind and storage projects provided in response to a Colorado utility’s all-source procurement enabled an easy comparison of those projects to the utility’s proposed 400 MW gas unit.


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