Xcel reports record low prices for solar plus storage

Documents from Xcel’s Colorado subsidiary show a medium price for PV with battery storage of $36/MWh, the lowest known price to date.

Boulder solar incentives to be available Spring 2018

The City of Boulder, Colorado will offer solar grants and rebates around March, 2018 for nonprofits and homeowners.

Big Blue to install big solar in Boulder

IBM has announced plans to install the largest PV system in Boulder, Colorado, which will also be the largest system on IBM property, as the city continues to move toward municipalizing its electricity system.

Rocky Mountain Institute issues guide for greener cities

The RMI handbook provides a template to reduce and eliminate cities’ carbon footprints, including solar implementation strategies and examples.

Community battery systems? Yep – if Colorado co-op’s pilot succeeds

The idea of community solar has been largely accepted by both the industry and public alike. Could purchasing part of a backup battery system be far behind?

Avangrid begins to move into solar

The power company has mostly build wind to date, but has announced 300 MW of solar projects.

Four U.S. governors urge ITC to reject the Suniva/SolarWorld petition

Only a day before the decision, four governors from leading solar states expressed their opposition to the Section 201 trade case. But will political pressure be enough?

Denver Housing Authority to launch low-income community solar program

A planned 2 MW plant will be the nation’s first community solar project owned by a housing authority.

Xcel plans transition from coal to solar, wind, gas and storage in Colorado

The utility has the support of Vote Solar and Colorado SEIA as part of a broad coalition backing its Colorado Energy Plan.

Colorado to build the nation’s largest low-income community solar project

A majority of the output of the 1.95 MW solar project in Fort Collins will benefit low-income households, affordable housing providers and non-profits.

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