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RE+storage better than a Colorado utility’s proposed 400 MW gas unit: Strategen

Developers’ bids for solar, wind and storage projects provided in response to a Colorado utility’s all-source procurement enabled an easy comparison of those projects to the utility’s proposed 400 MW gas unit.


Most states are doing a less than stellar job at deploying microgrids

A recent report by Think Microgrid recommends that legislators or utilities develop a microgrid roadmap to guide the coordinated efforts between utility commissions, energy offices, and stakeholders.


Peak Energy moves toward establishing a domestic market for sodium-ion energy storage systems

Sodium-ion energy storage system manufacturer, Peak Energy, is working to streamline what it believes is the biggest bottleneck to scaling enough battery energy storage systems to accommodate 80% renewable energy generation and 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035. 

Ascent Solar increases CIGS thin-film solar cell efficiency to 15.2%

The significant increase over previous efficiencies achieved is attributed to replacing cadmium sulfide in manufacturing process with a new material.

Sunrise brief: Arizona to vote on 37% slash to solar net metering

Also on the rise: Microsoft invests in 6.6 MW solar facility in Mississippi. Texas to activate its first virtual power plants. And more.

SolarEdge joins Xcel Energy’s virtual power plant incentive program in Colorado

The Renewable Battery Connect initiative will call on home battery owners to discharge power to the grid when electricity demand is especially high, and provide them with financial incentives in return.

Radiation-hardened solar blankets to power orbital logistics vehicle

Solestial’s ultra-thin solar cells will power in-space delivery vehicles for Atomos Space.

Vertical bifacial solar seeking greenhouse albedo and deployment space

A Colorado farmer installed vertical bifacial solar, leveraging greenhouse albedo to increase output. The installation demonstrates promising generation during winter months, while maximizing limited land space.

Sunrise brief: Meyer Burger to bring 2 GW of solar cell manufacturing to Colorado

Also on the rise: How will the latest change to net metering impact solar adoption in California? Solar contractor tool helps quote roofing and solar in one. And more.

2 GW Meyer Burger solar cell factory in Colorado, hints of more coming

The Swiss-German solar machine and module manufacturer has announced it will redirect solar cell manufacturing machines planned for Germany to Colorado in order to get the factory up by the end of 2024, which would make all of their Arizona solar modules qualify for the IRA”s “domestic content”.

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