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CS Energy awarded 270 MW solar portfolio in New York

The award comes as a part of NYSERDA’s fifth annual Renewable Energy Standard request for proposals, which aims to add more than 2 GW of clean energy projects to the state’s grid.

50 states of solar incentives: New York

New York has steadily ranked as a top 10 solar market in the United States, buoyed by strong incentives and innovation.

New York distributed storage owners could soon earn money in wholesale markets

A residential battery storage system in New York State could soon earn on the order of $190 per year, when aggregated with other systems participating in the state’s wholesale capacity market. Storage system owners in other parts of the country may wait much longer.


Standard Solar completes 7.1 MW community solar project in New York

The single-axis tracker system will produce nearly 11,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

New York Senate passes Build Public Renewables Act

The bill would authorize the New York Power Authority to build, own, and operate renewable energy projects to provide renewable energy to all state-owned properties by 2030 and municipal-owned properties by 2035, while also calling on the authority to phase out its fossil fuel power plants by 2030 and provide and deliver only renewable energy to customers.

Sunrise brief: New York announces 2 GW of new solar across 22 projects

Also on the rise: The town of Christiana, population 1,235, is attempting to block construction of 300 MW Wisconsin solar farm. Empire State getting into solar development. US Department of Energy launches partnership to speed interconnection.

New York announces 2 GW of new solar across 22 projects

The awards represent the largest land-based renewable energy procurement in the state to date, and once installed, will bring the state’s renewable energy mix to 66% renewable, in pursuit of 70% by 2030.

GlaxoSmithKline will further reduce its carbon footprint with 6.9 MW solar project in New York state

The 12th solar project for GlaxoSmithKline puts the company on track to meet its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Sunrise brief: New York Governor lays out plan to achieve 10GW of distributed solar by 2030

Also on the rise: Duke Energy Florida launches utility-owned “community” solar program. Batteries help solar connect, pricing still strong. Three year commercial solar project payback period expected through roof mount cost reductions. “It’s time for ISO-New England to get out of the way” of renewables, said Senator Markey. MIT and Stanford researchers are employing artificial intelligence to test perovskites in pursuit of a commercially viable PV cell manufacturing process. NREL’s eight storage projections through 2050. New Hampshire ranks 40th in solar installations in the country due in part to minimalistic or nonexistent renewable energy policies.

New York Governor lays out plan to achieve 10GW of distributed solar by 2030

The state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act’s goal is to generate 70% of New York’s electricity from renewables; powering 700,000 additional homes, creating thousands of jobs, with 40% of benefits to low- to moderate-income residents.

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