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Passive solar tracker wind stowing boosts energy production

Solar panels are often tilted to a stowed position to prevent wind damage to utility-scale assets. Array Technologies introduced a passive stowing strategy that prevents unnecessary production losses.

Nextracker cuts solar tracker carbon by 35% with recycled steel and electric furnaces

The utility-scale solar mounting solution’s low carbon option places an emphasis on reducing carbon-intensive materials and improving logistics.

California solar installation designed for grazing sheep

Renewable America designed the project to disturb the land little as possible, installing fixed-tilt tracker array that required no grading.


Pre-fabricated and customized wire management systems provide a competitive advantage

Solar wiring that integrates easily in the field can simplify installation, enhance both quality and longevity, and improve overall project efficiency.

Sunrise brief: California Supreme Court to review rooftop solar net metering

Also on the rise: Renewables and storage interconnection backlog grew about 30% last year. California’s electricity multi-crisis can be aided by virtual power plants. And more.

New Jersey farm studies agrivoltaics with vertically mounted solar

Rutgers reports that the vertical system fits well with the aim of the project, which is to study the benefits of agrivoltaics where there is a large energy demand and limited space.

Sunrise brief: IRS releases updated guidance on energy communities 

Also on the rise: Duke Energy Progress seeks approval for 76 MW solar project in South Carolina. DOE releases funds to streamline siting and permitting for renewables. And more.

Polar Racking fixed-tilt mount supports 38 MW solar project in Canada

Concord Green Energy selected the mounting provider for its fixed-tilt solar mounts.

Maryland community solar install to take just nine weeks due to unique mounting

Using Erthos mounting system, which places panels directly on the land with no racking or trackers, the project is expected to be installed rapidly and save on land use.


On the floor at RE+ NE 2024: Concrete racking, no caulk needed, basketball, and more

RE+ Northeast 2024 showcased a plethora of solar innovations and industry advancements, from concrete ballast racking systems to cutting-edge battery technology, as 3,500 industry professionals gathered in Boston despite the cold weather.


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