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Apex adds 195 MW of solar and 400 MWh of energy storage in Texas

A 195 MW and 200 MWh solar-plus-storage project and the standalone Great Kiskadee storage project (200 MWh) will provide energy arbitrage and ancillary grid services to the ERCOT market, critical for maintaining grid reliability.

Federal agents raid JinkoSolar factory in Florida

U.S. Homeland Security officers executed a search warrant on a solar panel manufacturing facility in Jacksonville.

California solar project portfolio bypasses time-consuming “Super Cluster” study

Renewable America will provide distributed capacity for four community choice aggregators in California.

RFQ alert: Prologis seeks developers for 1 GW California industrial solar

The process is for projects in the 100 kW to 400 kW range, while the logistics facility operator is looking for qualified installers for projects under a three-year timeframe in order to retain California net energy metering (NEM) 2.0 status.  

Sunrise brief: Senate votes to resume solar tariffs, threatening clean energy supply

Also on the rise: Average silver price expected to drop 2% to $21.30 per ounce this year. Solar Earnings Recap–SunPower, Sunrun and SolarEdge. And more.

RFP alert: Tribal solar accelerator seeks projects

An accelerator fund for tribal authorities that includes 65 tribes and over 120 tribal individuals will award grants of up to $200,000 for solar projects situated on tribal authority land, and $50,000 grants per year for tribal energy plan proposals.

Senate votes to resume solar tariffs, threatening clean energy supply

The United States Senate voted to overturn President Biden’s two-year pause on tariffing solar goods shipped from four Southeast Asian nations responsible for 80% of solar supply. Biden is expected to veto the resolution.

Sunrise brief: Solar testing group warns of degradation risk for TOPCon 

Also on the rise: Big PV plants may have positive climate impact in deserts, say researchers. California bill to mandate bidirectional chargers for all EVs sold after 2026. And more.

Oregon utility’s IRP calls for 400 MW energy storage development

The 400 MW nameplate capacity projects can provide enough clean power for 260,000 homes at four-hour intervals during peak power usage times such as weeknights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Biden to maintain solar tariff pause with veto

Legislators are moving to restore tariffs for the shipment of solar components from four major Southeast Asian nations, but the President will veto the move and maintain the pause on tariffs.

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