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Groups call on DOE to draw a roadmap for TVA to shift to renewables

TVA currently has no plan to achieve emission-free power and that is frustrating advocacy groups along with a handful of TVA member companies.

Duke reaches 10 GW of renewables

Duke Energy now owns, operates, or purchases more than 10,000 MW of solar and wind energy, though that doesn’t mean the company is on track to meet its climate goals.

WAAREE Energies supplies modules for massive California solar project

The company delivered 300+ MW of 385Wp and 390Wp Mono PERC Solar PV modules for installation at the Aquamarine solar project, a 250 MW portion of the larger Westlands Solar Park.

California CCAs contract for 778 MW of solar

Almost all of the new capacity has yet to be built, with the new contracts putting Central Coast Community Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy total joint signings well over 1 GW.

250 MW solar project proposed in Wyoming

The installation represents more capacity than the state has installed to date, with the project’s developer hinting at more to come.

FPL’s ‘community solar’ program reaches its subscription limit

A year after its launch, the residential portion of SolarTogether joins commercial, industrial, and government portions in being fully subscribed, with the waiting list also at 100% capacity.

Ohio regulators consider another 470 MW of solar

The Clearview Solar I project and the Union Solar project are both set to have hearings in mid-August, bringing the total amount of utility scale solar proposed or approved this summer alone to 1,938 MW.

Go big and go home: The case for solarizing 30 million homes

A new report argues for the largest solar buildout the country has ever seen, which it said would create 1.77 million jobs and drive $69 billion in energy savings over five years.

Residential solar demand is ‘through the roof’

One question is whether or not manufacturers can keep up with demand, particularly inverters and semiconductors.

Pine Gate completes 108 MW solar project in North Carolina

Trent River Solar is one of the first to be awarded a 20-year PPA through Duke Energy’s Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy program.