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U.S. renewables replace coal and gas in 2017

The output of all the main sources of thermal electricity generation declined in the first nine months of this year, as hydro, wind and solar boomed and demand fell.

IEA explores paths to PV and wind integration

The International Energy Agency has released a manual for policy makers on the issues involved in the large scale integration of solar and wind power into power grids.

Concerns raised over details of Illinois renewables plan

The Illinois Power Agency Plan containing the community and low and moderate income solar programs had a number of objections filed in December after its submission to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

New systems could help HECO add more rooftop PV

The Hawaiian utility, which has at times struggled with the state’s increasingly overwhelming rooftop PV penetration, hopes the new voltage regulators and management software might alleviate some of the grid congestion.

Florida utility to “rate base” 600 MW of solar

Tampa Electric is seeking cost recovery from its customers to pay for investments in large solar projects, which it says will be compensated by lower electric rates.

The top 5 solar stories of 2017

In this article pv magazine USA looks at the big themes over the course of what has been a difficult year for the U.S. solar industry.

Members of Congress urge Trump to impose tough tariffs on solar

Eleven members of Congress – eight representatives and three senators – sent letters to President Trump imploring him to impose “strong and effective remedies” to protect American solar module manufacturing from foreign competition.


Happy Holidays! Here Are 21 B2B and B2C Solar Marketing Tactics for 2018

In this op-ed for pv magazine, solar marketing guru Solar Fred brings his Christmas basket of B2B and B2C solar marketing ideas.

Puerto Rico welcomes solar: An interview with San Juan Mayor Yulín Cruz

Three months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, about half the capital San Juan is still waiting for the lights to come back on. In this interview with journalist Daniella Cheslow, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz says this is an opportunity for private capital to help transform the city and the territory into a solar laboratory.

Edison Electric Institute tries to rebrand demand charges

A joint report of the Energy and Policy Institute and the Center for Media and Democracy says utilities are trying to confuse consumers about what demand charges are and how they affect their electricity bills.

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