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Optimizers & Inverters

Morningstar unveils DC/AC inverters for off-grid applications

U.S.-based solar controller producer Morningstar has launched a new line of off-grid inverters, featuring six models ranging from 150 W to 2,500 W. Production and deliveries are scheduled to start this year.

Sunrise brief: Standard Solar and Scout Clean Energy acquired by Brookfield Renewable

Also on the rise: Solis highlights backup and repowering solutions at RE+. Utility-scale developer to recycle 95% of value of end-of-life solar panels with SolarCycle. And more.

Solis highlights backup and repowering solutions at RE+

Solis now offers a “whole home solution power hub” to provide power to every device in the home in the event of an outage.

Sunrise brief: Panasonic presents 22.2% efficient all-black heterojunction solar module compatible with its EverVolt battery

Also on the rise: BlueWave Solar is committed to integrating Environmental Social Governance throughout development of dual-use solar projects. Net metering reforms in the U.S. are a missed opportunity to harness residential battery storage, argue researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. And more.

SolarEdge launches new power optimizers for commercial solar

The Israel-based power electronics specialist has unveiled two new optimizers. Both have a rated input DC power of 1,2 kW, maximum efficiency of 99.5%, and weighted efficiency of 98.8%.

Sunrise brief: Qcells launches residential energy storage solution in the U.S.

Also on the rise: Nearly one in ten K-12 schools in the U.S. have adopted solar energy. Start-up plans solar manufacturing in disadvantaged communities. And more.


Goldman Sachs and Cleanhill Partners acquire majority stake in EPC Power

With clean energy installations projected to skyrocket, the two financial powerhouses value EPC Power’s position in the evolution of the industry.

Sunrise brief: Canadian Solar to unveil all-in-one residential battery and inverter 

Also on the rise: Transfer payments vs tax equity, a utility-scale analysis. Solar energy to help McDonald’s meet sustainability goals. And more.

Yotta Energy unveils solar and storage microinverter and EV charging products

The Austin-based company is releasing a microinverter for commercial solar and storage applications, a line of commercial EV chargers, and a solar-powered EV charging station.

Sunrise brief: Installed and operational solar capacity in U.S. may increase threefold in five short years

Also on the rise: Transparent solar glass to debut at RE+ in Anaheim. Metal roofing streamlines solar installations. And more.


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