Treat me fair, and I’ll give you the solar powered stars

Research of EnergySage platform revisions suggests an increased customer experience, a price guidance tool that lowers installed system costs 10-15¢/W, and that residential customers are willing to pay 64¢/W for premium product installations, a number greater than installers often recognize.


Seven steps to community solar

Vote Solar and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council together have developed a list of actions to guide utilities as they develop community solar programs.


Overbuilding solar cheaper than seasonal storage and natural gas in Minnesota

An analysis by Clean Power Research, commissioned by the MN Solar Pathways Initiative, shows that 10% solar by 2025, and 70% wind+solar+storage in 2050 can be achieved at a comparable cost to natural gas-fired generation.


Washington State carbon tax rejected soundly, again

Initiative Measure No. 1631, a tax of $15/ton on carbon pollution, was rejected 56-43% on almost 2 million votes. It was the most expensive ballot measure ever in the state with over $46 million in advertising dollars spent.

Solar “maker and braker” utilities across the South

A new web tool lets consumers in six Southern states see how their utility is embracing solar or blocking it; the tool could help consumers promote improved solar policy.

1 connects California homeowners with industry experts

The website puts solar professionals at the fingertips of Californians, with rankings and reviews to ensure the best fit.

Sunshine state makes solar powered moves

Florida regulators have given approval to Tampa Electric for 260 MW-AC of solar power across five single axis tracker facilities, as the company aims to deliver 600 MW-AC by the beginning of 2020.

San Diego to form world’s largest single city CCA

The announcement comes as a part of Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer’s ambitious 100% by 2035 renewable energy mandate for the city.


Minnesota credit union solar loans will c u to green

Minnesota credit unions have launched a new program to offer solar power finance to their 1.7 million members. This program offers residential loans, and commercial PACE loans, funding up to 100% of the projects.

Teaching New York the real value of solar

SEIA has filed a petition with the New York regulators calling for changes to the calculation of the value of distributed energy, including by refining how to take into account avoided damages, and adjusting the application of ‘E-values’ until further program changes occur.


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