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A plan for California to kick the gas habit

A set of analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists show distinct pathways for California to lower its total gas plants from 89 units today, down to 33 units. The analysis suggests a combination of 25 GW of solar, wind, storage and more.

84 gigawatts of community solar, and the plan to get there

GTM Research has delivered its vision for the future of community solar through 2030: delivering opinions on the policy, structure, finance and innovation needed to move the market forward.

Solar delivers during New England heatwave

New England’s behind the meter solar hit maximum generation at 2 GW this summer and contributed to lowering peak load and shifting peak demand to later in the day during this summer’s heat waves. This in turn allowed for lower utilization of older coal and oil resources.

EQ Research: Utilities aren’t getting the fixed charges they seek

The latest quarterly update from EQ shows that while utilities in many states saw fixed charge increases in Q2, it was not a vast majority, with almost half of all decided cases ending in a wash or no increase for utilities.

NABCEP offering three new “specialist” certifications

The PV Design, PV Installer and PV Commissioning and Maintenance Specialist certifications will be available at over 500 U.S. testing sites.


Elon Musk’s unprecedented solar+storage vision for Puerto Rico moves forward

Puerto Rico is requesting ten 20 MW / 20 MWh batteries to be deployed strategically in the country’s power grid. The RFQ notes that sites should be upgradable to 40 MW / 160 MWh.

Community Solar spurns New York’s VDER, seeks a return to net metering

The New York State Assembly has passed a bill which would temporarily put a hold on the alternative valuation of electricity from community solar projects and re-institute net metering for three years. The companion bill currently sits in Senate Rules Committee.

Why a utility front organization is wrong about solar incentives

Consumers Energy Alliance recently published a document alleging that 75% of the costs of residential owned solar power systems came back to the owners via incentives, tax credit and net metering included.

Energy storage takes the grid by storm at the EIA conference, part 2

Part 2 looks at presentations by Fluence and NREL, which outline the market opportunities present both today and in the future.

Arizona’s dirty energy politics

An ad being run by a PAC supported by APS is using images of violent felons to scare voters away from a clean energy initiative. But this is nothing new.

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