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Net metering analysis: When utilities attack, go big

Aurora Solar ran 45 million simulations to determine the effects on ROI for owners of residential solar due to specific changes in net metering policies and billing structures, and offers market-specific design guidance to maximize said ROI.


Bloomberg drops $500 million while DSIRE seeks donations

Michael Bloomberg announced $500 million to lobby against coal and gas, noting top ten fossil electricity states as strategic targets. Meanwhile the project seeks funding to continue its dissemination of information on clean energy policy.


$37 for new solar in Vermont, BOfA to build 60 projects, module pricing stable – more!: pvMB 6/7/19

Put your car on cruise and lay back ’cause this is summertime, but Idaho Power is attacking net metering, while Fellowship Energy is winning a prize, Gillibrand is backing a carbon plan, and more!

A tale of two net metering laws

New Hampshire’s governor has vetoed an increase in the capacity of systems eligible for net metering system to 5 MW, calling it a regressive cost burden. Meanwhile the Connecticut legislature passed a two year net metering extension in a 178 to 1 vote.


Ohio bill to eliminate renewable mandate, bail out coal, nukes

After scratching and clawing its way through, HB 6 has passed out of the Ohio House, and now brings to the Senate its nuclear and coal subsidies and elimination of renewable procurement mandates.


Panasonic’s new premium installers, 100 MW coming to Illinois: pvMB 5/23/19

Hello all and welcome to your Thursday pvMB, today we’ll be checking out OpenSolar’s new solar software design and sales app, Azelio’s thermal energy storage becoming PV compatible and more!

San Francisco to bid on PG&E, the Colts go solar: pvMB 5/15/19

Hello and welcome to your hump day pvMB. Today we’ll be checking out EVGo breaking ground on a new Virginia fast-charging hub, Cool Earth Solar getting Sunpower’s Dealer of the Year award SPI’s new agriculture company and looming 5 MW project and much, much more. Buckle up!


Tesla’s Powerwall as the beating heart of your home

Vermont utility Green Mountain Power has started a program to replace its customers’ electric meters with the monitoring system in Tesla Powerwall batteries.


DTE finally kills net metering

After three years of proposals, rejections, inspections and neglect, the day has come: In DTE’s Michigan service area, retail rate net metering is scheduled to end in a week.


A free solar future, drones patrolling the skies above solar farms: pvMB 5/2/19

Welcome, welcome to this Thursday’s pvMB. Today we’ll be checking out Suntuity’s free solar giveaway, Brooklyn Solar Canopies going south, sPower and Cypress Creek alleging project blocking by Consumers, the launch of the Atlas platform and all the rest of today’s ultra-important solar news.

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