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Consumer Protection

Feds to rescind review of 48 Chinese crystalline silicon companies

48 of the initial 83 companies have been found to have not be manufacturing or exporting any subject merchandise.

TVA attempts to block solar cooperative

The Tennessee-based power provider is trying to bar approval of a solar co-op in its territory. Project supporters are accusing TVA of protecting a monopoly.


Policy leads the way: Impactful action at the state level in 2021

While federal policy action (or inaction) grabs all the headlines, let’s look back at some of the most impactful state and local developments from 2021.

Namaste Solar to donate community solar subscriptions to 176 low-income families

16 corporate sponsors and 60 individual donors helped to raise roughly $43,900 to ease the energy burden of 176 low-income families in Colorado, which can be up to 20% of their monthly income.

Sunrise brief: SEC investigating Tesla over alleged solar system fire negligence

Also on the rise: Clean energy bonds issued in California, EV charging stations with integrated advertising space, DART mission uses solar power to redirect Earthbound asteroids, and the Bezos Earth Fund supports tribal-led program.

SEC investigating Tesla over alleged solar system fire negligence

The lawsuit stems from a 2019 whistleblower complaint alleging that the company failed to properly notify its shareholders, customers and the public of fire risks associated with solar panel system defects over the course of several years.


Duke Energy and clean energy advocates come to terms on new net metering rates in North Carolina

The new rates, which include minimum monthly bills, non-bypassable charges, and grid access fees for larger systems, will now go before state regulators for approval.

Florida bill would cut solar net metering compensation

The bill would shift compensation rates to the utility’s avoided cost of generation, and open the door for a host of fixed charges aimed at solar.


Standard Solar to build 24 MW community portfolio in Maryland

A total of nine projects will benefit more than 5,000 Maryland households through community solar subscriptions.

Community solar project sets aside capacity to benefit LMI residents

The 6 MW project outside of Washington, D.C., will include a pair of 2 MW arrays set aside to serve low and moderate-income residents.