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Expanding community solar can bring jobs and economic benefits to hard-hit communities

Community solar offers a unique opportunity for recovery in a Covid-racked economy, but needs to go beyond the contained role it has traditionally held in the American energy landscape.

Here’s a recap of key energy proposals from the Biden administration and Congress

It’s been a busy two months since Joe Biden became president. Here are highlights of key initiatives on the energy and cleantech fronts.


Arkansas legislators consider bill to slash solar net metering value

House Bill 1787 would change the state’s net metering so that solar customers would lose roughly two-thirds of their current benefit.

Duke faces pushback over North Carolina brownfield solar project

Duke along with community and environmental groups find themselves as unlikely allies as state officials deem a 5 MW installation to be expensive and unnecessary.


New Mexico bill would set up a statewide community solar program

SB 84 would establish a 100 MW community solar program and also include a 30% annual capacity carve-out for low-income customers and related service organizations.

Duke solar plan challenged in Florida

Arguing that Duke’s Clean Energy Connections program will unfairly shift costs onto smaller customers, a group is challenging the program designed to add roughly 750 MW of utility-scale solar.

Minnesota bill would curb the power homeowner associations have over solar

HOAs could still complain about some things related to solar, but could no longer ban them outright.

California bill looks to implement automated solar permitting

In an attempt to reduce installation time and cost, S.B.617 would allow for remote inspections and approvals of residential solar and solar-plus-storage systems in jurisdictions with over 10,000 residents.

Grid access charge for solar customers proposed in Missouri

HB 539 would require customers using solar panels to pay a fee and adds a grid access fee for customers who sell generated energy back to their utility.


New York towns launch a community solar program, but with a twist

The community solar program powers entire communities with renewable power and passes along guaranteed bill savings. But there’s a novel twist to it.


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