Consumer Protection

Teaching New York the real value of solar

SEIA has filed a petition with the New York regulators calling for changes to the calculation of the value of distributed energy, including by refining how to take into account avoided damages, and adjusting the application of ‘E-values’ until further program changes occur.


DOE seeks solar power situational awareness

The DOE has launched a program to find unique and innovative solutions that increase grid operators’ situational awareness of solar PV systems deployed throughout the grid at strategic locations – and that are seek to go beyond pure R&D, seeking field validation.

Choice to cost a little more in California

California regulators voted 5-0 to implement higher priced exit fees for CCAs, as requested by investor-owned utilities. The fees will increase residential bills for members of CCAs by 1.7-5.2%.

Solar maps to the golden state back in four days

California’s Integration Capacity Analysis (ICA) maps were ordered returned to public availability by a judge before October 14. As parties fine tune the updated broad ICA 2.0 release in December, the 1.0 version was temporarily removed for security reasons.

Zero energy homes make cents – as Vivint builds in Rhode Island

RMI has released an economic analysis of Zero Energy homes, suggesting their economics meet industry standards and stay within homeowner appetites for larger investments, while Vivint Solar has built such a home in Rhode Island.


Best practices for building residential solar power and market confidence

SEIA has released an update to its residential solar best practices guidelines. The guide’s purpose is to build trust in public observers of the solar market, and can be used to educate detail-oriented customers.

Locals suing for net metering, utility wants scale and energy storage

Jacksonville, Florida’s municipal utility has gotten rid of net metering and lowered the rate paid for excess solar produced electricity. Concurrently, the utility is pushing larger scale solar and energy storage programs.

Sunrun commits to 100 MW of solar power on affordable housing

California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program has a 2030 goal of installing 300 MW of solar power, and Sunrun’s 100 MW commitment aims to satisfy one-third of that by 2028.

So you want be a utility scale solar power developer?

Cypress Creek Renewables has received approval from a local planning commission in Missouri for a 14 MW-DC single axis tracker solar plant, whose output will be sold for $44.81/MWh in a 30 year contract.


How to install solar power strong enough for a hurricane

The 2017 hurricane season gave analysts at the Rocky Mountain Institute a broad dataset of storm-related solar power plant outcomes, from which they have delivered a list failures and specification for high wind speed survival.


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