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Sunrise brief: SolarEdge announces record revenues in 2022

Also on the rise: The IRA will unleash community solar markets. Saltwater flow battery added to solar-on-canal project. And more.

SolarEdge announces record revenues in 2022

SolarEdge revenue was $3.1 billion in 2022, up 58% year over year from 2021. The company expects revenues for Q1 2023 to be within the range of $915 million to $945 million, continuing its profitable growth momentum.


Sunrise brief: SolarEdge ships battery cells to stationary energy storage market

Also on the rise: U.S. startup unveils portable solid-state lithium-ion battery for residential use. Inside the $455 billion U.S. investment in electric vehicles. And more.

SolarEdge ships battery cells to stationary energy storage market

The global inverter and storage manufacturer began shipping NMC pouches from its Sella 2, South Korea production line.


SolarEdge home battery joins Sunnova energy-as-a-service offering

The DC-coupled battery offers efficiency improvements over traditional batteries, which require three power conversions.

SolarEdge launches new power optimizers for commercial solar

The Israel-based power electronics specialist has unveiled two new optimizers. Both have a rated input DC power of 1,2 kW, maximum efficiency of 99.5%, and weighted efficiency of 98.8%.

SolarEdge investigated for alleged patent violation

The U.S. International Trade Commission launched the investigation following a lawsuit from power electronics competitor Ampt.


SolarEdge Home makes its North American debut

This new home energy management solution is the brains behind home energy generation, battery backup and EV charging.


Ampt lawsuit asks that SolarEdge remove inverters and controllers from market

Ampt posits that all of SolarEdge’s technology is in violation of patents controlled by the Colorado company, and that they should be required to immediately cease all sales.


SolarEdge expects to break more records in Q1

SolarEdge has reported record revenue in its latest three-month update and expects to have even more business in the second quarter, even if gross margin and profit has declined.

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