Storage for decades, Vote Solar partners with Beyond Carbon: pvMB 11/12/19


Energy-trapping molecule could store solar energy for decades –Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg have figured out how to harness the energy and keep it in reserve so it can be released on demand in the form of heat—even decades after it was captured. The innovations include an energy-trapping molecule, a storage system that promises to outperform traditional batteries, at least when it comes to heating, and an energy-storing laminate coating that can be applied to windows and textiles… The system starts with a liquid molecule made up of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. When hit by sunlight, the molecule draws in the sun’s energy and holds it until a catalyst triggers its release as heat. The researchers spent almost a decade and $2.5 million to create a specialized storage unit, which Moth-Poulsen, a 40-year-old professor in the department of chemistry and chemical engineering, says has the stability to outlast the 5-to 10-year life span of typical lithium-ion batteries on the market today.” Source: Bloomberg


Vote Solar partners with Beyond Carbon – Vote solar has announced that the organization is partnering with Michael Bloomberg’s Beyond Carbon initiative. Beyond Carbon also wrote a partner spotlight on Vote Solar that you can read about here. Source: Vote Solar


McDonald’s USA signs first large-scale virtual PPA – McDonald’s announced the signing of two long-term, large-scale virtual power purchase agreements, whereby McDonald’s will buy renewable energy generated by Aviator Wind West, a wind power project located in Coke County, Texas and a solar project located in Texas.  The combined 380MW in renewable energy expected to be generated from McDonald’s contribution to these projects will help to prevent over 700,000 metric tons of carbon emissions each year, which is equivalent to planting more than 11 million trees or taking over 140,000 cars off the road for one year. Additionally, the energy generated by these U.S. projects will be equivalent to over 2,500 restaurants-worth of electricity.” Source: The Golden Arches


Nautilus acquires 17 MW community solar – Nautilus Solar Energy has announced the acquisition of a 17.2 MW community solar portfolio from Borrego Solar Systems, the largest privately owned developer, designer, installer and O&M provider of commercial and utility-scale solar and energy storage projects. In addition to developing the portfolio, Borrego Solar will design, engineer, construct as well as maintain the systems. Nautilus will be responsible for the project management as the long-term owner and operator of the portfolio. Construction is targeted for completion during Q3 2020. Comprised of three solar projects in Monroe and Saratoga counties, the portfolio will produce enough safe, pollution-free, energy to power 1,500 homes.  The portfolio has also been awarded NYSERDA Megawatt Block allocations and NY-SUN incentives. Source: Nautilus Solar 


NJ town votes for renewable purchases – 50% by 2024, 80% by 2028, 90% by 2032 and 100% by 2035 are all on the table for Piscataway, New Jersey residents, as the town passed a new township clean energy aggregation program. The town will now be charged with the task of negotiating a bulk energy supply rate for all the townships noted under the municipality. Source:

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