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Sunrise brief: Hail to blame for more than half of solar facility loss claims

Also on the rise: Four community solar projects to serve LMI residents in New York City area. U.S. Virgin Islands cover 30% of electricity needs with six solar-plus-battery facilities. And more.

Four community solar projects to serve LMI residents in New York City area

Ampion partners with UGE on four rooftop community solar projects with approximately half the electricity generated reserved to help low- to moderate-income residents save on electricity bills

Sunrise brief: Pre-assembled nickel-hydrogen energy storage solution

Also on the rise: BP to take full control of Lightsource BP. Solar designed for curved surfaces. And more.

Solar Landscape completes largest rooftop community solar project in New Jersey

The company will own and operate two installations that provide a combined 8.8 MW of clean energy to more than 1,400 homes, half of which will be low- to moderate-income households.

Sunrise brief: Consider maximizing California’s front-of-meter distributed solar

Also on the rise: Fluence Energy achieves profitability, posts 85% revenue growth. New York State hits a milestone with 2 GW of community solar installed. And more.

New York State hits a milestone with 2 GW of community solar installed

This top community solar market has a total of 5 GW of distributed solar and another 3.3 GW in development.

Solar surging 58% in 2023, 413 GW of installations expected globally

Historically low module prices are expected to propel the global solar industry to record installations in 2023.


2022 IEA review: Growth and challenges in the US solar sector

The US solar power market navigated through significant developments, including a decline in total PV from 2021, a surge in community solar projects, increased corporate solar adoption, and impactful policy shifts such as the Inflation Reduction Act.

Power Struggle: The grid barrier stifling community solar

Interconnection, or the process of acquiring a utility’s permission to connect to the local distribution grid, threatens to derail tremendous progress being made across the country to build out innovative types of energy, including community solar.

Barbados finalizes plans to construct a 60 MW portfolio of community solar gardens 

The solar portfolio will be spread across 50 sites throughout the island-state, adding to Barbados’ 30 MW solar portfolio and pushing the country closer toward being powered by 100% renewables by 2030. 


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