South Carolina

Duke issues $1 billion in inaugural green bond offerings

In what it touts as one of the largest green bond transactions issued by a utility, Duke Energy Carolinas has issued bonds to further renewable energy development.

Solar “maker and braker” utilities across the South

A new web tool lets consumers in six Southern states see how their utility is embracing solar or blocking it; the tool could help consumers promote improved solar policy.


Duke proposes renewable purchase program for SC’s C&I sector

The program, like community solar for nonresidential customers, will allow business customers of Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress to purchase renewable energy and the RECs that come with it to reach their sustainability goals and reduce their electrical bills.


Duke forgets to bring the sauce to the energy storage BBQ

Duke Energy has announced plans to invest $500 million to build 300 MWh of energy storage in the Carolinas over the next eight years, which breaks down to an average of 37.5 MWh per year.


Duke calls for extending net metering in South Carolina through March 2019

The power company says that this will allow time for a more careful crafting of a successor program.

Duke to upgrade pumped-storage station to accommodate renewables

The energy giant is upgrading its Bad Creek pumped hydro storage facility from 1,000 to 1,300 MW.

Halfway into the year, Duke hits South Carolina net metering cap

New solar customers now have the option to sell power at a price far below retail to Duke Energy, in the state with the highest monthly electricity bills in the country.


Duke pushes solar at both distributed and utility-scale

The utility is opening an RFP for utility-scale projects, as well as offering a solar rebate program for rooftop systems.

South Carolina net metering cap increase derailed

The SC Senate budget committee has removed an amendment that would have lifted the restrictive 2% caps on net metered-solar from the state’s budget bill. The caps could be hit in both utility service areas by the end of the year.


Schism in the South: The debate over renewables splits the GOP.

The results of South Carolina’s primary elections have shown an unprecedented support for pro-solar candidates in the traditionally hesitant South.


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