New Jersey

New Jersey solar carve-out bills re-emerge without nuclear subsidies

Bills to reform the state’s renewable energy mandate, increase its solar target and enable a community solar program have been re-introduced in the New Jersey House and Senate.

The U.S. residential solar market fell 16% in 2017

GTM Research and SEIA’s final report on the solar market in 2017 shows both the struggle of the residential solar market, as well as a larger than anticipated fall in utility-scale volumes, leading to a 30% contraction overall.

New Jersey solar RPS increase weds nuclear bailout bill in committee hearing

There WERE two bills pending in the New Jersey legislature. Now there is one – and it increases the state’s renewable portfolio standard and solar carve-out while also offering subsidies for nuclear plants.


Section 201 solar tariffs to be felt across market segments (w/chart)

GTM Research has issued new details that show that distributed solar installations will also see a more than 10% decline from the base case through 2022.

New Jersey RPS bill reintroduced after Christie’s sneaky veto

Despite the former governor’s attempt to scuttle RPS reform in the Garden State, the legislature has re-introduced the bill in the new legislative session in the hopes the new governor will sign it into law.

On his way out, Chris Christie sticks it to solar in New Jersey

The now former governor of New Jersey snuck out of the office Tuesday with Senate Bill 2276 tucked in his pocket, meaning the state’s renewable portfolio standard will remain at levels the state’s solar industry says could result in a market crash and job losses.

New Jersey passes bill to increase solar mandate

The bill will increase utility targets for solar procurement to 5.2% of electricity sales in 2022. It now goes to the governor for approval.

Amazon puts online New Jersey’s largest rooftop solar installation

The 5 MW-AC project sits on the 30-acre roof of a massive warehouse, as the company’s latest progress towards its 100% renewable energy goal.

Home Depot expands its rooftop solar energy program by 50 stores

The home improvement giant will add nearly 50,000 solar panels to new sites in five states in a push to meet its alternative-energy use goals of 135 MW by 2020.

Vivint moves towards short-term profit

The residential solar company’s Q2 results show a smaller Vivint that is emphasizing direct sales versus the third-party model.

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