Midwest solar markets: An interview with Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher of SEIA comments on the burgeoning regional solar market at the Solar Midwest conference in Chicago.

ZAF starts nickel-zinc battery factory in Missouri

The 50 MWh factory shows that there is more going on in the battery space than lithium-ion.

Go west, young solar? An analysis

A rebate offered by a Missouri public utility is stirring up debate on how to use solar in addressing the vaunted “duck curve”.

Renovate America secures $200 million to expand HERO

The influx of cash is the latest progress for the nation’s largest PACE provider, which expanded to more communities in Missouri last week.

ESCO acquires Renewable NRG Systems

The maker of engineered products for multiple industries has expanded into wind and solar with the acquisition of Renewable NRG Systems.

Missouri House votes to make solar customers separate-class citizens

HB 340 codifies the ability of utilities to treat solar customers differently from all other ratepayers, leaving them subject to arbitrary “recovery fees” not levied on any other electricity consumers.

Two bills show Missouri’s solar split personality

The “Show Me” state is showing the enormous rift between legislators that want solar to flourish in the state and those who want to try to strangle the rooftop-solar industry before it can grow.

Former Sungevity employees file class action lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that workers were not given the warning required under federal law, and attorneys are additionally enquiring about bounced paychecks.

Sungevity’s insolvency shows in employees’ checks

Today the final checks to Sungevity workers laid off without notice last week bounced, as the latest problem for the company and its former employees.

Sungevity files for bankruptcy

Four days after laying off an estimated 400 employees, Sungevity has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


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