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Solar laggards: The five states with the least amount of solar installed

As solar power surges forward in states like California and Texas, a handful of states trail far behind, raising questions about the missed opportunities for energy independence and environmental benefits.


Alaskan tribal communities form independent power producers for renewables projects

Alaskan tribal communities are improving the payback on renewables projects by forming independent power producers, thus gaining access to a state subsidy.

Extended grid infrastructure grant deadline encourages more Native Nations to apply

The DOE Grid Deployment Office decided to extend the deadline in response to updated disaster data, which increased grant allocations for 243 tribes to better account for the probability of climate-related disruptions on native land. 

Sunrise brief: Utility-scale solar and storage is on a roll across the U.S.

Also on the rise: The potential of pumped storage hydropower in Alaska. NY State provides additional $29 million for EV infrastructure and rebates. And more.

The potential of pumped storage hydropower in Alaska

A study conducted by researchers at Argonne and NREL found that renewable energy can lower the cost and emissions of electricity driven by the high cost of delivering diesel fuel to Alaska’s remote areas.

Five organizations turning community solar into savings for low-income Americans

This year, DOE recognized five organizations that exemplify the benefits that community solar can bring with $10,000 grand prizes, and recently launched a new round of the Sunny Awards.

Increasing restrictions on siting solar in the U.S.

A study from Columbia University has identified 59 new local renewable energy siting restrictions across 35 states in the U.S., taking the total count to 228. In addition, nine state level restrictions were noted as being severe enough to block projects.


Sunrise brief: Ten most common rooftop solar safety risks

Also on the rise: Top risks for solar assets–Extreme weather. Community solar, workforce, solar canopies in focus at NYSEIA conference. And more.

50 states of solar incentives: Alaska

Alaska enjoys the same level of solar insolation as Germany, yet ranks 49th in the United States in terms of solar capacity installed. Launch Alaska is working to change that.

Sunrise brief: Solar deployment to increase fivefold under Inflation Reduction Act

Also on the rise: DOE offers $26 million to demonstrate that grid can run on clean energy. World’s largest underground hydrogen storage project. And more.

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