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The day Indiana rooftop solar died

Since July, only two customers have installed solar in NIPSCO’s 1.2 million customer territory following a new net metering rulemaking. The case has been elevated to the Supreme Court.


Sol Systems acquires 91 MW Indiana solar project

The Grandview solar project is the latest acquisition in the company’s commitment to developing a strong portfolio of renewable energy assets in the Midwest.

RFP Alert: 500MW of PV for Indiana Michigan Power

About 500MW of solar and 800MW of wind power is sought by the American Electric Power company in its recent issuance of requests for proposals.

Indiana makes it harder for HOAs to ban solar

House Bill 1196 establishes a process for residents of HOAs with existing bylaws against solar installations to petition for a system in a fashion that cannot be denied once a certain level of community support has been attained.


Indiana enables renewable-ready communities

With the passage of SB 411, Indiana communities can opt to voluntarily adopt regulations that will qualify them as a wind- or solar-ready community. The standards are expected to significantly cut project development time, lower costs, and create thousands of jobs in the clean energy industries.

RFP Alert: Duke requests 1.1GW of new renewables in Indiana

Duke is planning to construct or acquire up to 1.1GW of renewable energy generation, as well as up to 1.3GW of non-intermittent generation, like natural gas combustion turbines, combined-cycle units and stand-alone battery storage.

Indiana utility’s net metering calculation overturned in court

An attempt to circumvent the state’s already-limited net metering guidelines has been overturned in court, in a decision that distributed generation advocates see as an important step in strengthening the state’s market.

EDPR completes the construction of 200 MW solar park, the largest in Indiana

EDP ​​Renewables North America has signed a PPA with cooperative Hoosier Energy to supply communities between the states of Indiana and Illinois from the Riverstart plant.

Solar microgrid for crop production facility in Indiana

Emergent Solar Energy completed a solar microgrid system for a crop production facility in Indiana, which will offset nearly 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

Indiana utility seeks approval for solar PPAs totaling 335 MW

Oriden and Origis Energy are developing the solar capacity, which could be in service by 2023.

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