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MIT report questions value of distributed solar

The Utility of the Future report decries poor state-level rate-making, mythical cross-subsidies by non-solar customers, and economies of scale as reasons that adding more distributed PV to utilities’ portfolios make little long-term economic sense.


1366, Hanwha achieve 19.6% multicrystalline cell efficiency

Using 1366’s groundbreaking kerfless silicon wafers and Hanwha’s proprietary PERC cell process, the cells’ remarkable performance was verified by an independent testing firm.


Bill Gates’ energy innovation fund commits to $1 billion in investment

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is backing research on zero-carbon technologies; however its guidelines show a lack of understanding of solar technology and market development.

Australian researchers produce 12% efficient, 16cm2 perovskite PV cell

University of New South Wales researchers have achieved the highest efficiency for a perovskite PV cell of its size to date.

Going out in a blaze: DOE announces clean energy financing & projects

In the face of likely Trump Administration assaults on clean energy, the outgoing Obama Administration is firing all guns to support renewable energy and innovation projects.

Project Sunroof offers community-wide solar installation estimates

The new tool measures technical potential, but may not be an accurate indicator of how much solar could realistically be installed in any given city.

NREL: 30% wind and solar on U.S. grids “no big deal” (with graphics)

National Renewable Energy Lab says ample resource availability, falling prices, and results from both research and actual experience in Europe are showing that there is no reason why we can’t reach much higher levels of renewable energy deployment.

pv magazine presents: DOE’s Dr. Rebecca Jones-Albertus on slashing soft costs

Two weeks ago, the Department of Energy released $21.4 million to fund 17 projects to bring down soft costs around the country. pv magazine sat down with Dr. Rebecca Jones-Albertus, the Sunshot Initiative official who will oversee the projects, to learn more.

DOE invests $21 million to speed solar adoption

The money will go to 17 projects designed to reduce soft costs and maximize solar’s benefits for states.

Obama touts success of solar at SXSL event

The president also spoke about the need for energy storage at the event, which was inspired by the South-by-Southwest conference.


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