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Researchers probe light-induced degradation that impacts silicon solar cells

Light-induced degradation (LID) shaves the efficiency of silicon solar cells by about 2%, which adds up to a significant drop in power output over the lifespan of the technology deployed in the field.

Sunrise brief: Customer-sourced power makes it into a utility’s resource plan

Also on the rise: SolRiver Capital buys an Oregon solar development portfolio, Swell Energy expands its distributed power plant model, and a shift in focus is coming to a DOE loan program.

EIA global forecast sees a resurgence of coal for electric power

Solar and wind will grow, but coal will again be cost competitive, reversing what EIA said was a trend observed over recent decades.


PVEL adds hail test to its module certification program

The hail stress sequence aims to address concerns from insurers and asset owners about the ability of PV modules to withstand severe hail impacts.

Solar deployed on rooftops could match annual U.S. electricity generation

Researchers conducted a global assessment of rooftop solar PV potential using high-resolution imagery, big data, and machine learning.


California can cut power costs almost 20% by moving its RPS to 2040

Accelerated and unprecedented additions of renewable generation and energy storage will be needed, but the cost of making the shift is far lower than the status quo, a report argues.


Computer model uses AI to detect faults in residential solar

SunDown detects and classifies per-panel faults without the need for additional sensors and was developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts.

Sandia offers public access to CSP archives

Six decades of global concentrated solar power documentation make up the bulk of Sandia National Laboratories’ archive.


Can large-scale solar cool nearby areas?

An international team of scientists observed a cooling effect in a large radius around solar arrays. The cooling may have implications for local ecosystem management.

NREL and Sandia want to hear from you on solar+storage O&M issues

The laboratories are reaching out to industry to better understand how solar+storage technologies were selected, what O&M activities are being conducted, what data is being collected, and what ongoing challenges and needs exist in this space.

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