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Best fire safety practices for rooftop PV system installations

Compiled by an international research group, the best practices were collected from all available guidelines published by national agencies, regulatory bodies, and trade associations.

Pulling fertilizer out of thin air with solar power

Nitricity has put together an experimental plasma reactor that uses solar electricity to produce competitively priced, environmentally clean, nitrogen fertilizer. Their onsite fertilizer production eliminates emissions from transporting fertilizers, and provides a viable alternative to fossil consuming nitrogen fixation methods like the Haber-Bosch process.


U.S. geothermal lithium offers significant potential

U.S. scientists have assessed the viability and potential supply chain impact of extracting lithium from geothermal brines, and they have reported promising results.

Palmetto maps roughly 75% of U.S. rooftops

The company’s Mapdwell division has captured the photovoltaic potential of 107 million rooftops.


Watch: NASA Webb telescope deploys solar array

The world’s most powerful telescope took to the skies on December 25th. The array was deployed and powered 30 minutes after launch.

NREL launches international consortium to advance high-tech mirrors used in concentrating solar plants

Goal is to reduce cost of heliostats by 50% and accelerate U.S. manufacturing

Paired with “wonder material,” over 21% efficiency demonstrated in perovskite solar cells

The use of phosphorene nanoribbons boosted the cell, putting it on par with traditional silicon cell output levels.

MIT and Google develop solar cell simulator

The differential physics-based software simulates how the change in a given input can change the cell’s power output, potentially paving the way for faster improvements in PV efficiency.

Your next package delivery could be solar powered

There is still much to debate over the benefits of moving a vehicle via solar, but the market has been getting creative and is evolving quickly.

Discovery boosts perovskite solar cell efficiency by up to 18%

Researchers said they achieved a new benchmark for 2D perovskite efficiency by discovering an effect whereby sunlight causes the material to contract, enabling greater efficiency.

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