MIT and NREL see solar modules reaching well below 20¢ per watt

Although, the author of this article sees a path below 15¢ per watt. Researchers at MIT, working with financial modeling teams at NREL, have projected the electrical losses and financial gains of thinning solar cells from the current 160 micrometers to 50 micrometers.

Morning Brief: complaints about Spotsylvania solar, Duke announces location of two new projects

Today in the morning brief: Chispa Nevada and Nevada Conservation League train climate voters, the Department of Energy releases a distributed solar RFI, Headline Solar reaches $5 mil in revenue and more.

A desert solar farm can actually improve desert tortoise habitat

With tortoise-sized openings at the bottom of the fence, and improved growth of plants vital to tortoise survival, a solar farm in Nevada can provide better habitat than the surrounding desert. First Solar found similar habitat gains in California.


Battery roundup: funding for zinc-based storage, improved lithium-ion, new solid-state batteries

Venture capital is still flowing to energy storage startups and the march to improve a wide variety of battery chemistries continues.


DNV projects 1,000 GW of solar power and 90% clean electricity for the USA and Canada

DNV’s report sees federal policy as muddled, but individual provinces, states and cities are pushing electrification of buildings and transportation, significant per-capita efficiency increases, 30% less energy use overall, and coal going away in just over a decade.


Pragmatic projection sees solar power nearly tripling in roaring 2020s

NREL’s 2019 Standard Scenarios Report looks at 36 models to project what energy sources the USA might use going forward, and what variables might drive that – with the mid-case projections suggesting wind+solar power meeting 28% of all electricity demand.


Shutdown continues at Hanergy-owned Alta Devices, high-efficiency PV pioneer

Alta Devices has not located a white-knight investor to save the company and resume its PV cell production. That means no health care or COBRA for its furloughed employees.


Ten research teams aim for long-duration storage at 5¢/kWh

To get long-duration storage costs down to 5 cents per kilowatt-hour, research teams funded by ARPA-E are pursuing breakthroughs in flow batteries, hydrogen storage and other technologies—even thermovoltaics.


Utility scale solar power as cheap as 70¢ per watt and still falling

Government researchers find that Florida has dethroned California as the largest market, trackers dominate, solar+storage compensation diversity, and a lot more in Berkeley Labs annual utility-scale solar power report.


5 most popular articles at pv magazine USA in 2019

Certain articles at pv magazine catch fire and capture the imagination of our solar colleagues as well as a wider, equally nerdy, audience. Here are the most widely read pieces of the year at pv magazine USA.


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