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HVDC transmission serves mostly wind and hydro power, not solar

A report from The Brattle Group and DNV recommends clearing barriers in the U.S. to high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. HVDC transmission projects show many cost-saving use cases, but so far, transmitting solar power is rarely among them.

Hydrogen stations could avoid unplanned shut-downs with predictive models, research finds

The NREL study focuses on a specific model that uses data to reduce the frequency of unscheduled maintenance, and increase the frequency of preventive maintenance.

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Heat pump design to reduce footprint of solar thermal installations

A U.S.-Mexican research team has investigated how linking heat pumps with solar thermal collectors may help reduce the surface needed to deploy the collectors themselves.


A terawatt of solar module capacity expected within 16 months

Clean Energy Associates projects that major Chinese manufacturers will achieve a global solar module manufacturing capacity of 1 terawatt by the end of 2024. Furthermore, this capacity is projected to hit that same mark within China’s borders by 2025.

Climate Central finds 41 million residents exposed to higher temperatures

Report finds that albedo had the most significant effect on the UHI index of each city, and that neighborhoods of low-income residents are the most affected. 

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El Niño threatens U.S. winter solar generation

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, predicts that El Niño will likely bring lower than normal solar power production through winter in the United States. Its analysis is based on data collected from previous El Niño events.

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Floating PV plant operators may achieve additional revenue through non-evaporated water

A group of researchers from Italy investigated the economic competitiveness of various ground mounted and floating PV systems with regard to cost and performance, taking into consideration revenues due to reduced water evaporations. They found that the use of non-evaporated water at photovoltaic system sites can achieve revenues greater than $3/kW if used for irrigation and higher than $4/kW if sold to generate hydroelectricity.

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