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NREL looks at barriers to lithium-ion battery recycling and sees opportunities

The analysts assessed the current state of reuse and recycling of large-format lithium-ion batteries used in EVs and battery energy storage and found there is plenty of room for improvement.

California’s rate inequality is likely to worsen as energy transition advances

A new report says that the state’s investor-owned utilities charge residential electricity customers much higher prices than are paid in most of the country, impacting low- and moderate-income people the most.


As Texas recovers, report warns grid operators to plan better for extreme weather

Grid planning fails to consider extreme climate scenarios that a resilient grid needs to handle, said EPRI’s president and CEO. “Traditional planning processes do not represent how resources actually perform under extreme conditions.”


3 graphs that shed light on the ERCOT power crisis

Data firm Lium concluded that ERCOT “probably needed at least another 17 GW of generation” to meet demand as cold winter weather settled in over the state.

Sunrise brief: Southeast utilities ask FERC for market changes that could help renewables

Also on the rise: ERCOT orders rolling blackouts as 30 GW of resources are forced out, PNM shareholders OK merger with Avangrid, location is key when talking about DERs, and Dominion claws back from a big ice storm.

Sunrise brief: Norfolk Naval Shipyard adds battery storage and CHP

Also on the rise: Researchers find big errors in how U.S. cities report GHG emissions, and scientists peer inside cycling Li-ion batteries to learn how the technology can be improved.

Sunrise brief: Net zero carbon for less than the cost of a cup of Joe? Here’s how

Also on the rise: EDF Renewables brings two solar projects online, one with storage; and solar investor Magic Johnson teams up with Allstate.


Boosting bifacial panel efficiency with albedo ground covers: Field test results

Tests by 7X Energy show that ground cover material showed promise, but projects will likely still need to prove the long-term durability, degradation rates, and validation of installation labor and O&M.


Storage, wind, superpower: Part 3

In an interview with pv magazine publisher Eckhart Gouras, Tony Seba and Adam Dorr discuss their concept of “SuperPower” and argue that the resulting near-zero-cost energy could be used by states or regions to offer a competitive advantage to employers.


5 takeaways from a new NREL report on electrification’s future

The report looks at the potential impacts of widespread electrification on the U.S. electricity system—specifically, generation and transmission infrastructure investments, fuel use, system costs, and emissions.

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