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GE partners with Department of Energy on solar, energy storage, grid integration research

General Electric is partnering with national laboratories and universities on two projects; one to design behind-the-meter energy storage and another to enhance utility visibility of behind the meter solar generation.

It takes more than recycling to establish a circular clean economy, says NREL

Designing renewable hardware to last longer and using fewer materials to construct it can work to bolster recycling efforts in building an effective circular economy for solar and battery technologies, according to NREL research.

Sunrise brief: Renewables may replace hydro dams to restore endangered salmon

Also on the rise: Construction complete on largest solar farm in Nebraska. Renewable Energy Test Center releases 2022 Module Index Report. Job moves. And more.

Perovskite solar module march continues with 30-year “no thickness” layers and speed testing

A team at Princeton University developed a new technique to accelerate solar cell longevity testing, while concurrently discovering a layer, only a few atoms in thickness, which is credibly projected to support perovskites lasting thirty years.

Real-time pricing that balances renewables could save $33 billion per year, study finds

A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory study found that allowing customers to opt for real-time power rates, and shift some consumption to lower-priced periods, would lower customer bills 10% to 17%. A pilot study has shown that real-time pricing works, and more pilots are underway.


Spongy solar cell may be used to power pacemakers

University of Chicago researchers developed a unique, single-layer solar cell that may be used to power less-invasive implantable medical devices.

Sunrise brief: After a suppressed first quarter, the US solar market is buoyed by tariff suspension

Also on the rise: Briggs & Stratton launched the SimpliPHI energy storage system with lithium-ferro-phosphate chemistry. ACORE outlines reduction in solar investment and development if tariffs persist. Holistic solar modeling predicts even lower future pricing. And more.

Holistic solar modeling predicts even lower future pricing

Government researchers have refined their learning curve calculations and quantified how focusing on CAPEX alone can underestimate declines in project costs.

Ranking the states of distributed solar

The Institute for Local Self Reliance ranks states according to distributed energy resources per capita.

Solar panels keeping sheep fed during drought

Two Australian farmers reported that their solar panels increased grazing quality during drought periods over a four year period, aligning with research suggesting solar panel microclimates might increase water retention, and grass production.


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