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PVEL splits from DNV GL

The testing lab is on its own again after a management buyout, and Jenya Meydbray is returning as CEO. PVEL will still collaborate with DNV GL on its annual module scorecard.

California grid data is live – solar developers take note

California’s updated maps to the power grid – ICA 2.0 – went online as of December 28, offering insight at every point on the circuit which could affect how much solar can be attached.


As utilities fight distributed generation, electricity is getting less reliable

One of the best tools that would allow utilities to meet their central stated mission of providing a stable electricity supply is one they are fighting the hardest.


Utility scale solar power plus lithium ion storage cost breakdown

NREL has released an inaugural report highlighting utility scale energy storage costs with various methods of tying it to solar power: co-located or not, and DC- vs AC-coupled.


Higher module efficiencies and inverters driving solar power cost declines

NREL’s Q1 2018 cost report for solar power systems saw a 5% drop in residential costs and a 2.6% fall in commercial, but a 1-2% increase in the utility scale space compared to the previous year.


Video: pv magazine USA’s 2018 Future PV Roundtable

pv magazine brings you video coverage of our Future PV Roundtable at SPI 2018, which looked at technology development from the cell to the grid level.

Not for lack of ideas: an interview with NREL’s Dr. Peter Green

In this interview pv magazine talks with the chief research officer at the United States’ foremost clean energy laboratory about the work that NREL has been doing, and what to expect for the future of electricity and transportation.

Solar + wind + storage makes for a DC-powered microgrid

Ensync has begun work on a microgrid tying together 48 kW of vertical wind turbines, 495 kW of rooftop solar, and 730 kWh of energy storage.


Look, in the sky – is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s solar power!

Alta Devices’ gallium arsenide solar research cells have been certified with a 29.1% efficiency, setting a new single junction solar cell efficiency record.


U.S. utilities test distributed energy management

Distributed energy management systems can capture added value from solar and storage by shaving peak loads, providing grid services, and deferring grid investments. Utilities testing such systems have shared their lessons learned, while Western Australia leapfrogs ahead.

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