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Staying below 2 degrees is “possible and practical” says RMI

The Rocky Mountain Institute’s new report Positive Disruption describes pathways for the global economy to mitigate serious global warming through accelerated adoption of renewable energy, the transformation of our energy and transportation system, and improved management of agriculture, forestry, and other land-uses. Staying below two degrees Celsius of warming is not just possible the report argues but practical given the accelerating declines in the cost of renewable energy.

What does the solar eclipse mean for solar power?

This unusual eclipse is a balancing act for energy companies.

Go west, young solar? An analysis

A rebate offered by a Missouri public utility is stirring up debate on how to use solar in addressing the vaunted “duck curve”.

No panic necessary: Eclipse won’t dramatically effect grid stability

Despite the significant amount of solar near the path of the solar eclipse, grid experts do not expect the 90-minute event to create reliability issues.

California regulators call for later peak under SDG&E time of use rates

A week before a key ruling and with little justification, CPUC has altered a proposed decision on TOU timing. If approved this will be bad for SDG&E customers who adopt solar and could set a precedent for TOU rate cases at California’s other utilities.


Report shows grid modernization following renewable energy mandates, DG solar

NCCETC’s latest 50 States of Grid Modernization report shows that the states with the most aggressive renewable energy mandates are also leading on grid modernization – as are many of the states with the highest penetrations of distributed solar.

Solar drives up evening wholesale prices in California

The duck curve is real, and is driving up prices and increasing ramping requirements in the evening.


Hawaii regulators approve HECO’s 100% renewable energy plan

After years of trying to get utilities fully on board, HECO has issued a five-year plan to double solar and renewables on the road to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2040.

California’s energy transition needs more than cap and trade

The state’s landmark program, which includes carbon price high enough to affect the electric power sector, has been extended. However, California may have bigger challenges when it comes to transforming its energy system.

Trump appoints uncontroversial energy lawyer to head FERC

Kevin McIntyre has a lot of experience with federal energy cases but has made few waves, and so far the solar industry is taking a wait-and-see approach.

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