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Sunrise brief: Solar tariff moratorium remains in place

Also on the rise: Enphase launches IQ Battery 5P residential battery in U.S. and Puerto Rico. Solar energy in New York state covered record 20% of state power demand. And more.

Minnesota expands community solar program to allow more LMI customers, projects to 5 MW

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed HF 2310 into law, which opens up the state’s community solar program to more residential subscribers, specifically low-to-moderate income (LMI) households, and expands the project sites from 1 MW to 5 MW community gardens.

Solar energy in New York state covered record 20% of state power demand

During the noon hour on May 18, 2023, NYISO reported that consumer and utility-side solar resources generated 3.33 GW of clean energy output, while the behind-the-meter portion of 3.2 GW and utility-operated 130 MW accounted for 20% of the state’s electricity demand.

Flexible demand through participation by large customers in wholesale markets

Large industrial users of electricity that could use less electricity at high prices, or more electricity at low prices, could bid prices for their demand in day-ahead wholesale markets to help set market prices, integrate renewables, and lower system costs, according to an ESIG report.

Sunrise brief: First Solar sues Toledo Solar for false and deceptive practices 

Also on the rise: Toyota to procure 100 MW of solar from reclaimed Kentucky coal mine site. Strata Clean Energy enters into 1 GWh battery storage tolling agreement with Arizona Public Service. And more.

Toyota to procure 100 MW of solar from reclaimed Kentucky coal mine site

Toyota Motor North America signed a VPPA this week with Savion for the offtake of a 100 MW brownfield solar project located on a reclaimed coal mine in Martin County, Kentucky. When completed, Toyota will have in excess of 150 MW of U.S. solar generation facilities.

Community solar, DG market gives rise to automated market system for procurement

Anza, a marketplace for small-scale utility, community solar and distributed generation projects including storage, sees itself as a digital online market resource for developers looking to book equipment and save capital in real-time based on market pricing curves and other factors.

ESA completes first phase of 3.6 MW cannabis grower’s solar farm

ESA Solar this week announced completion of a first 1.2 MW phase of a 3.6 MW ground-mounted solar project for a cannabis grower utilizing indoor growing facilities. Cannabis production represents more than 1% U.S. electricity demand, presenting a big opportunity for renewable energy adoption.


New Jersey’s agrivoltaic program moving forward, fighting interconnection

With a 200 MW solar pilot program and three Rutgers-based R&D initiatives, New Jersey is gearing up to unveil an agrivoltaic blueprint for public deliberation this summer.

Slate of 45 projects selected for New Mexico community solar program

InClime Solutions announced 200 MW of projects selected for inclusion in the next slate of New Mexico’s community solar program.

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