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Balance of Systems

Enphase to open several U.S. manufacturing lines

The solar inverter provider’s announcement was made amid a Q3 earnings call with record revenues reported.

Sunrise brief: U.S. solar electricity for $0 per kWh?

Also on the rise: A user guide to the Inflation Reduction Act. Rooftop wind energy innovation claims 50% more energy than solar at same cost. And more.

User guide to the Inflation Reduction Act

BlueGreen Alliance releases implementation guide to help workers, families and communities maximize benefits of the IRA.

Could we see U.S. solar electricity for $0 per kWh?

A Credit Suisse report suggests that from 2025 through 2032, the United States could see solar and wind PPAs regularly signed for under 1¢/kWh, due to a combination of manufacturing and project tax credits.


Treasury seeks public input on the implementation of tax incentives in Inflation Reduction Act

With the release of the notices, Treasury has begun the process of soliciting comments from the public on key provisions. Over the coming weeks, Treasury will convene several initial stakeholder roundtables to hear directly from a wide range of voices.

Sunrise brief: California renters will now have access to community solar

Also on the rise: More solar backsheets to be made in America. Why did I reform my views on Net Energy Metering (NEM)? And more.

Shoals Technologies and Nextracker introduce North-South Big Lead Assembly product

North-South BLA trunk bus optimizes electrical balance of system installation, long-term O&M and cuts costs compared to conventional wiring methods.

Sunrise brief: A new era of made-in-USA solar

Also on the rise: Redflow targets US market with lithium-ion battery alternative. Anaheim Convention Center–a showcase of sustainability. And more.

A new era of made-in-USA solar

There are both challenges and benefits to boosting solar manufacturing in America. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 includes a host of measures to support the production of US renewable energy technologies and could foster a new era for made-in-America solar. pv magazine USA Senior Editor Anne Fischer explores the current status and outlook of US solar manufacturing.


Goldman Sachs and Cleanhill Partners acquire majority stake in EPC Power

With clean energy installations projected to skyrocket, the two financial powerhouses value EPC Power’s position in the evolution of the industry.

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