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Trackers vs. the elements, part one: tackling uneven terrain

In this three-part series, pv magazine will highlight some of the major obstacles faced when developing solar installations on single-axis tracker and see the different approaches that players in the industry are taking to neutralize each issue.

SolarBuddy eyes US expansion to tackle extreme energy poverty

As the charity prepares to move out of “stealth mode” SolarBuddy Founder and CEO, Simon Doble, sat down with pv magazine to discuss how his organization plans to lift as many people as it can from extreme energy poverty, and how expanding to the US will help accelerate that mission.

The sky may not be falling: Heliene CEO speaks on anti-circ investigation

“What I’m trying to say is that there’s not an import duty in one country that will change the dynamics and the price of the product worldwide.”


Dan Shugar: More Maestro than Midas

pv magazine met with Nextracker CEO Dan Shugar and his colleagues to discuss leadership, Nextracker’s continued role in the energy transition, and how running a company can be a lot like performing in a band.

Ukraine invasion reshaping discussion about energy, pricing, renewables

Indra Overland, the head of the Center for Energy Research at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, tells pv magazine how the Ukraine war is irreversibly changing the global energy landscape, making massive renewables deployment a certainty. But labor issues, equipment shortages, and reliance on Chinese manufacturing remain obstacles.


Auxin antidumping case “an affront to the industry” said SOLV Energy CEO

SOLV Energy CEO George Hershman joined pv magazine to offer his view on the antidumping/anti-circumvention case.

Sunrise brief: Greater accountability is needed to improve interconnection timelines

Also on the rise: Solid-state battery start-up Sparks opened a pilot plant for its patented lithium battery technology based on zero cobalt cathodes. Hyperion will invest in a new facility in Ohio to manufacture its hydrogen fuel cell. Pennsylvania may have to sell RECs and use the cash to cap abandoned oil and gas wells. Sol Systems acquires 540MW Illinois solar portfolio. Greenskies moves agrivoltaics forward in Connecticut. FranklinWH chief sales officer shares views on distributed storage.

As Maxeon waits on potential U.S.-based solar cell fab, it launches Air panels in Europe

Maxeon exec Mark Babcock joined pv magazine to talk about Maxeon’s Air solar panels, and the company’s possible U.S. manufacturing expansion.


Sunrise brief: Battery recycling is hot, but lightbulb moments lag

Also on the rise: SunPower will market a VPP offering for energy storage customers, and mPrest CEO Andy Bennett talks with pv magazine about the potential for DER under Build Back Better.

Managing an evolving grid using distributed energy resources

mPrest CEO Andy Bennett joined pv magazine to talk about the future of DERs and the role that distributed energy resource management systems are likely to play.

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