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EnerVenue signs its first major distribution agreement

The deal with Hong Kong’s Towngas will pilot the company’s nickel-hydrogen battery technology and serve as an audition for future deals to come.

How extending the solar ITC can foster an equitable energy transition

In order for former fossil fuel workers to transition to renewable employment, there have to be jobs for them. Extending the ITC would create consistent solar demand and jobs, says SunPower’s Suzanne Leta.


Storm season has the solar industry looking to protect assets from costly hail damage

The destructive potential of hail on solar arrays has only been fully realized in the last two years. In this series, pv magazine talks with experts in storm modeling, risk insurance, and damage mitigation to learn how solar arrays can survive nature’s wrath.

‘The strategy is to go big.’ A conversation with SEIA’s Abigail Ross Hopper

In a wide-ranging interview, Ross Hopper discussed supply chain challenges, the hope for federal policy certainty, workforce diversity, and the need to act “with boldness and vision.”


Gibraltar talks TerraSmart acquisition, U.S. solar market optimism

Top leaders from Gibraltar Industries and TerraSmart detail plans to become a “one-stop shop” in the solar development value chain.

What role will battery storage have in Biden’s America?

Chip Breitenkamp of NanoGraf discusses American battery manufacturing, how to ensure a resilient and equitable supply chain, and how to create jobs.


Storage, wind, superpower: Part 3

In an interview with pv magazine publisher Eckhart Gouras, Tony Seba and Adam Dorr discuss their concept of “SuperPower” and argue that the resulting near-zero-cost energy could be used by states or regions to offer a competitive advantage to employers.


Solar, wind, storage superpower: Part 2

In the second of a three-part interview with pv magazine publisher Eckhart Gouras, Tony Seba and Adam Dorr discuss their concept of “SuperPower” and argue that by investing in even more solar PV and wind power, electrons will become so cheap that a Walmart would give them away to draw shoppers.


Jigar Shah: Policy action and tech deployments needed for power sector innovation

“We’ve averaged 2.4 cents a kilowatt hour for the last six months for PPAs. That’s actually too low. I think we would be fine at 3.4 cents… I don’t think that solar and wind industries would skip a beat [without their tax incentives], and they have other policy mechanisms.”


Leader of Swinerton Renewable Energy speaks on construction, solar projects and warfare logistics

The head of EPC Swinerton Renewable Energy: “We look at a solar project as somewhere between warfare logistics, with thousands of people and trucks driving into the middle of nowhere, and a manufacturing facility. Somewhere between there lies a utility-scale solar project.”

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