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Energy Storage

Sunrun bucks the trend and grows during Q1 2017

While other large residential solar companies are contracting or even going bankrupt, Sunrun gained market share during Q1 2017.

Residential storage boosted by PetersenDean, Sunverge

The national solar installer and U.S.-based storage solutions provider have teamed up to bring energy-storage systems to California homeowners.

Study to utilities: Fudging the solar facts can get consumers on your side

A new study by E Source, a “market research” firm that has been telling utilities what they want to hear for 30 years, has outlined a strategy to help utilities win over consumers to utility-scale solar: Tell them half the story.


California reopens energy storage subsidies under SGIP (with chart)

The popular California Public Utilities Commission program will start receiving applications today for distributed energy projects that incorporate energy storage.

“Red state” utilities populate the top 10 lists for solar

SEPA’s annual utility list shows utilities in North Carolina, Iowa and Utah among the top 3 in its lists for solar installed on an absolute and per-customer basis. The organization also published new lists of the top utilities for storage deployment.

Nevada Senate passes daily double of pro-solar bills unanimously

With the passage of SB 65 and SB 204, the Silver State is set to revive a solar industry that has been in flux for the past two years.

California energy-storage bill passes committee

Senate Bill 700, if passed, would require the state’s utilities to create rebate programs for customers that install energy-storage systems to accelerate their proliferation.

SDG&E signs contracts for 83.5 MW more battery storage

The Southern California utility is going for more lithium-ion batteries, including the world’s largest battery system, to accommodate its leading portion of renewable energy.

“Ice batteries” become available in Southern California

Ice Energy expects to deploy up to 1,800 Ice Bear systems to C&I customers and a municipality in Orange County.

APS says solar, energy efficiency to make up 50% of new production

Arizona’s largest investor-owned utility says the next 15 years will include significant increases in solar production, battery storage products and significant reductions in coal-fired production plants.

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