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Energy Storage

HECO, University of Hawaii strike a deal for power from off-site renewables

Taking a page from the corporate procurement playbook, this “green tariff” could include solar plus storage and may be available to other institutions in the future.

Sunrun, Empowered by Light bring electricity to fire stations in Puerto Rico

The organizations will provide PV and storage to a total of eight more power stations stations, as half of the island remains without electricity.

Community battery systems? Yep – if Colorado co-op’s pilot succeeds

The idea of community solar has been largely accepted by both the industry and public alike. Could purchasing part of a backup battery system be far behind?

ESA charts a path to 35 GW of energy storage

The Energy Storage Association has issued a white paper calling for 35 gigawatts of installations by 2025 to upgrade an increasingly antiquated power grid to be outage proof and efficiently handle new power systems and demand products entering the marketplace.

AEP to invest $1.8 billion in renewables over the next three years

One of the nation’s largest power companies is looking to increase its renewable energy portfolio five-fold in value and has identified a 1.37 GW solar pipeline.

Hawaii introduces a new set of distributed solar programs

While the “Smart Export” program may be a better deal for customers with batteries, Hawaii regulators are only committing to interim programs, and have not provided a long-term solution to the issue of DG compensation.

Kaua’i to get its biggest solar + storage system to date

The island, which has been called a ‘postcard from the future’ for its high levels of solar and energy storage, is getting ready for 28 MW more solar and 20 MW of batteries.

Midwest solar markets: An interview with Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher of SEIA comments on the burgeoning regional solar market at the Solar Midwest conference in Chicago.

The importance of grid resilience during severe storm conditions

In this op-ed, AES Energy Storage underscores the role that battery storage can play in making grids more secure and resilient during and after disasters.


sonnenCommunity comes to the United States

A 2,900 home planned development in Arizona will feature electricity trading between a network of PV and battery systems, as a grid-tied microgrid that will also absorb excess power at strategic times for the local grid.


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