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Balancve of Systems

Costs for all types of PV systems continue to fall, NREL benchmark report says

In a change from previous years’ reports, however, balance of systems costs have increased or remained flat across sectors in 2021.


Sunrise brief: Google deploys ‘dragon scale’ solar shingles at its Silicon Valley campus

Also on the rise: Large format modules are gaining market share and presenting a new set of challenges, Honeywell and Duke will jointly test a flow battery, and Sunnova will offer EV charging through a partnership with ChargePoint.

How much glass is needed for terawatt-scale solar PV?

German scientists have assessed demand for resources such as glass and silver until 2100 and have found that current tech learning rates could be sufficient to avoid supply concerns.

DOE grants aim to drive down inverter costs, advance PV fire prevention tech

Several of the projects also aim for lower costs for PV module materials or PV racking, as well as for lower defect rates on module assembly lines.

Sol Systems’ CEO lays out a path to grow both renewable energy use and U.S. manufacturing

In his annual letter, shared with pv magazine, Yuri Horwitz lays out a roadmap for U.S. companies to follow as an “historic expansion” of demand for solar and storage gets underway.

Solar 101: The brains behind the beauty of your solar power system

Solar panels get all the attention due to their good looks, but it’s the inverters that hold all the brains behind your system. Here’s what you need to know.

Sunrise brief: Partners launch fund to invest in clean hydrogen projects

Also on the rise: J-Power Development plans to deploy solar+storage at a coal plant site, pv magazine launches a Hydrogen Hub site, KKR buys into Sempra Infra, and NREL ponders what it will take to boost PV module reuse and recycling.


‘We have a real adversary’: Work intensifies to safeguard solar from cyber attacks

Solar inverters are increasingly smart, but their sophisticated power electronics expose potential cyber security gaps. Work is underway to harden the devices from intruders who may be out to cripple the electric grid.


Boosting bifacial panel efficiency with albedo ground covers: Field test results

Tests by 7X Energy show that ground cover material showed promise, but projects will likely still need to prove the long-term durability, degradation rates, and validation of installation labor and O&M.


Sunrise brief: SunPower maps 2021 expansion plans, jobs growth

Also on the rise: Pivot Energy completes community solar projects, Enphase deal opens a new market segment, IREC gains from a solar donation, and NREL storage study outlines a four-step adoption process with big implications for the grid.

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