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Balance of Systems

Statewide RPS platforms require 300 TWh of clean energy by 2030, 800 TWh by 2050

Renewable portfolio standard policies require total non-hydro renewables generation to reach 28% of electricity sales by 2050 compared to 17% today, according to a Berkeley Lab report.

California grid may fall 20% short in meeting 100% EV goal

Assuming all other residential electricity consumption remains flat—a trend ongoing since 2006—the report’s calculations find that California will require a 20.2% expansion of electricity generation, from nearly 280 TWh to an estimated over 336 TWh to meet its EV mandates and additional charging required by 2045.


Terrain-following tracker with a pneumatic twist

Sunfolding’s new TopoTrack rows are 10 times shorter than traditional trackers, and they can provide 20 degrees of variation between trackers, thus improving slope tolerance between rows.


RFP alert: Tribal solar accelerator seeks projects

An accelerator fund for tribal authorities that includes 65 tribes and over 120 tribal individuals will award grants of up to $200,000 for solar projects situated on tribal authority land, and $50,000 grants per year for tribal energy plan proposals.

Oregon utility’s IRP calls for 400 MW energy storage development

The 400 MW nameplate capacity projects can provide enough clean power for 260,000 homes at four-hour intervals during peak power usage times such as weeknights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Shoals Technologies and Brookfield Renewable launch EV charging-as-a-service

The above-ground, turnkey solution for EV charging infrastructure eliminates large up-front payments and enables streamlined project deployment.

Oregon utility files IRP, inaugural clean energy plan

To address its clean energy goals, Portland General Electric forecasts a significant power capacity of 1.14 GW in summer, 1 GW in winter, and up to 2.5 GW nameplate capacity clean energy assets by 2030.

Minimizing EV impact on the grid

MIT researchers have found that strategic placement of EV charging stations and initiating charging at delayed times can mitigate or eliminate daily EV charging demand and solar over-capacity.


California utility to deploy 20 MWh storage and 10 MW rooftop solar VPP system

SMUD’s My Energy Optimizer Partner+ program will be able to scale up to 54 MWh / 27 MW storage and solar capacity over time.


U.S. to deploy 30 GW, 111 GWh of grid-scale energy storage in three years

The energy storage market hit an inflection point in 2020, with considerable ramp activity. The Energy Information Administration forecasts the deployment of grid-scale storage over the next three years.

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