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Morning Brief: Rick Perry bucked Congress’s clean energy mandate

Also in the brief: How a conservative coal county built the biggest community solar energy project in East Kentucky. Why 30M solar rooftops should be in the next relief bill

From the editor: Rick Perry, we know ye too well

The least qualified energy secretary in recent history will leave a record of collusion with coal barons, a failed bailout for coal and nuke plants, and some memorable terms like “freedom molecules.” His likely successor appears more competent, and potentially more effective.


Full speed in reverse: Rick Perry presents his vision for DOE

At the Future of Energy Summit U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry gave a preview into what his tenure will be like as Secretary of Energy, including invasive federal action and support for nuclear, coal and gas, backed by pure mythology.

Some resources on grid integration of renewables for Rick Perry

The new U.S. secretary of energy wants to know if wind and solar are undermining stability of the U.S. grid, and conflates baseload power with reliability. We’d like to help him with his homework.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry wants to know if solar is eroding the electricity supply

On Friday, the former fossil-fuel favoring governor ordered a study to see whether solar and wind development is making the electricity grid less stable.


Rick “Oops” Perry becomes the new Secretary of Energy

The man who once famously forgot the Department of Energy in a 2012 Republican presidential debate is now, astonishingly, the person who was just confirmed to lead it.

Energy Secretary Perry grants FERC 30-day extension to craft coal, nuke bailout

The commission now has until January 10 to create the “Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule” the Secretary demanded in September, but Perry said he will examine all available remedies as FERC continues its work.

Perry orders FERC to implement subsidies for coal and nuclear plants

The Secretary of Energy is using the canard of reliability concerns to push for support of uncompetitive generation.

Perry out at Energy? Rumors fly as game of musical chairs continues

President Donald J. Trump’s constant reshuffling of administration officials may have the former Texas governor moving to Homeland Security, leaving the Energy Department open to a possibly worse replacement.

Energy trade groups send grid reliability reports to Energy Secretary Perry

SEIA, ACORE, AEE and AWEA express concerns that the former Texas Governor is starting his inquiry into grid reliability with a faulty premise by conflating coal and nuclear generation with reliability.

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