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Choosing a backup battery system in the new age of California’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Eric Hill of OutBack Power offers depth and explanation on the different factors that go into choosing a home battery unit.


Sunrise brief: Virtual power plants roll out across the U.S. 

Also on the rise: Solar-plus-storage microgrids minimize power shutoffs during wildfires. Solar permitting reform at a turning point. And more.

Solar-plus-storage microgrids minimize power shutoffs during wildfires

A study conducted by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that microgrids with solar-plus-storage systems can keep the average levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and annual public safety power shutoffs below 30 cents per kWh and 2 to 3% of annual energy demand, respectively.

RFO alert: Clean Power Alliance seeks solar-plus-storage

The California community choice aggregator has issued a Request for Offers for the installation of solar-plus-storage to provide backup power to 12 sites during emergencies.

Morning Brief: Solar power will be ‘the new king’ by 2030, fuel cell SPAC, advanced reactors get $160M

Even the profitless fuel cell industry can launch a SPAC, cheered on by the current mania for hydrogen technology. Lots more in today’s brief.


Power shutoffs cause a battery boom in California

Contractors across California are seeing greater demand for battery storage than ever before in response to PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs. With the threat of blackouts on the 10-year horizon, customers have decided to take their power into their own hands.


Energy storage and inverters to get you through power outages

In light of California grid shutdowns due to fire safety, pv magazine USA is reviewing solutions to keep the electricity on.


California solar project portfolio bypasses time-consuming “Super Cluster” study

Renewable America will provide distributed capacity for four community choice aggregators in California.

Brut wine makers turn to solar-plus-storage microgrid

Long-duration energy storage technology from Energy Warehouse will power California wineries with clean, reliable energy and support resilient winery operations.

PG&E $11 million pilot programs to accelerate vehicle-to-everything technologies

Pacific Gas & Electric is developing three pilot programs to test how bi-directional EVs and chargers can send power to the grid.


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