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50 states of solar incentives: Nebraska

Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, ranks 13th on the sun index, but is nearly last in the country for solar installations.

50 states of solar incentives: Missouri

Missouri has made headway for community solar to come online, while its utility solar market has over 613 MW of advanced construction projects due to enter commercial operations through 2025.

50 states of solar incentives: Iowa

Iowa has made headway in its adoption of solar since 2020 when its utility-scale market took off. Wind energy continues to dominate the generation mix in the state.

50 states of solar incentives: Minnesota

In 2021 renewables accounted for 29% of total in-state electricity net generation in Minnesota, which the state hopes to increase to 100% by 2040.

50 states of solar incentives: South Dakota

The state has just 2 MW of installed solar capacity, but its integrated resource plan includes 120 MW of clean energy resources by 2025, which includes 100 MW of wind or solar generation, and 20 MW of energy storage divided equally across the two states.

50 states of solar incentives: North Dakota

Solar hasn’t yet taken hold in North Dakota, a state that relies more on wind power when it comes to renewable energy adoption.

50 states of solar incentives: Ohio

Solar currently provides less than 1% of Ohio’s electrical needs. That is expected to change, however, as nearly 8.8 GW of mostly utility-scale solar is expected to be installed over the next five years, making Ohio one of the top five solar states in the country.


50 states of solar incentives: Indiana

The Hoosier State has a prohibitive residential PV market with net metering recently phased out, while its utility market enjoys 878.8 MW of new projects.

50 states of solar incentives: Illinois

The Illinois solar market was kick-started by the Adjustable Block Program, now called Illinois Shines, a capped program that offers significant solar renewable energy credits.

50 states of solar incentives: Michigan

Michigan’s Healthy Climate Plan put the state near the top in renewable expectations, but it is currently planted squarely in the middle as far as how much solar is installed.

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