Lion Energy introduces C&I energy storage solutions


Lion Energy, a U.S. manufacturer of energy storage systems based in American Fork, Utah, launched its Powersave Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), including cabinet and container systems designed to provide businesses with back-up power, enable energy time shifting, renewable energy integration, load management and power system recovery.

The Powersave solutions use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery storage technology, also known as LiFePO4, which is considered safer than standard lithium ion as LFP chemistry minimizes thermal runaway fire risks. Furthermore, as described by David Bly, iron doesn’t burn like manganese, and on the rare occasion when a fire does occur (due to battery failure) they are limited to wires, and sometimes battery management system (BMS) printed circuit boards. Lion Energy said its team designed the batteries to be scalable, fireproof and resistant to corrosion.

“Assuming that the battery casing conforms to NEMA or IP standards, cell fires cannot escape the case unless it’s been punctured,” Bly said.

The Cabinet Series for indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage systems can help reduce peak energy costs from equipment and operations, the company reports. Its power and capacity ranges from 30kW/50kWh to 90kW/180kWh. Model PS2 offers a cycle life of 6,000 based on 80% depth of discharge. The cabinet solution is 94.5 inches by 63 inches by 88.5 inches and weighs 7,070 pounds. Supported communication protocols include RS485, CAN, Ethernet, DNP3, Modbus TCP/IP.

The Container Series, which comes in two models, is an outdoor containerized energy storage system for utility grid tie or C&I behind-the-meter applications. The systems are configured to meet each customer’s specific power (kW) and capacity storage (kWh) requirements from 675 kw/1032 to 1.7 MW / 3.44 MWh per container. The PS20 model’s power ranges from 430 kW to 675 kW and capacity ranges from 1,032 kWh to 2,064 kWh. It measures 238.5 inches by 96 inches by 114 inches and weighs 47,000 pounds.

The PS30 model’s power ranges from 675 kW to 1.7 MW and capacity from 2.064 MWh-3.440 MWh. It is the same size as the PS20 model but weighs 67,000 pounds.

Both the Powersave Cabinet and Container Series are custom solutions where multiple units can be combined for increased capacity applications. Click here for more information.

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