Innovation as a key to sustainable solar


The photovoltaic sector is a key player in today’s energy landscape, particularly as countries around the globe work to achieve ambitious clean energy targets. However, its integration into the energy system faces challenges ranging from technical to economic and environmental obstacles. Overcoming these challenges is crucial to the sector’s expansion. In this context, innovation plays a fundamental role in facilitating efficient integration, thus smoothing the path for the energy transition.

Innovation in the solar industry cannot focus solely on technical issues – it must also aim to make the sector environmentally sustainable. Developing ecologically and socially responsible solutions is also necessary to allow the sector to adapt to market changes. An innovative strategy called Ecovoltaica – a development, construction, and management model for photovoltaic projects – is gaining prominence by combining solar energy production with the utilization of local natural resources. The commitment of the involved actors, both companies and local agents, is key in this model. Leading companies like Soltec endorse this approach, integrating sustainability into their operations based on principles such as biodiversity protection, responsible resource use, and circular economy, as well as local socio-economic development.

Another crucial advancement is the development of green hydrogen, focused on minimizing its carbon footprint through solar-powered water electrolysis. This resource has potential as an energy vector, allowing the storage and transportation of solar energy. Soltec is anticipating this transition with the inauguration of a dedicated green hydrogen laboratory, which allows experimentation with different electrolyzers and technology optimization.

Adaptability to terrain and climatic conditions is another challenge that the solar energy sector must face. In this regard, strategic alliances – such as the one established between Soltec and the software company Aplitop – represent significant milestones in the field of innovation. This agreement aims to develop an application that simplifies terrain analysis and the design of photovoltaic installations, facilitating the creation of designs specifically adapted to terrain conditions. Soltec also employs algorithms that enable solar trackers to adopt a defensive position against hailstorms, reducing exposed surface area and the probability of photovoltaic module breakage.

The photovoltaic sector is positioned as a promising energy source, capable of significantly contributing to the decarbonization of the global energy system. Innovation offers new opportunities and solutions to address technical, economic, and environmental challenges. With the right momentum through investments and favorable policies, the sector can ultimately play an even more significant role in transitioning to an environmentally friendly energy future.

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