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In case you missed it: Five big solar news stories this week

pv magazine USA spotlights news of the past week including market trends, project updates, policy changes and more.

Fracsun introduces AI-powered solar soling loss simulator tool

Dust, dirt, and debris can cause losses to solar production. Fracsun introduced software for measuring potential losses at a given project location.

GoodWe unveils double-glass TOPCon bifacial solar modules

GoodWe has developed new double-glass tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) bifacial solar modules for its Polaris series, available in 530 W and 580 W variants.

IRENA calls 16.4% annual renewable growth to hit COP28 targets

Statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that if the world were to continue with a 14% annual growth rate in renewables capacity, as seen in 2023, it will fall 1.5 TW short of meeting deployment targets set at COP28.

Polysilicon prices stabilize at low levels amid market downturn

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Sunrise brief: Amazon hits 100% renewable energy goal

Also on the rise: Solar panel cleaning with electromagnetic waves, Anker launches all-in-one home storage solution, and more.

Bifacial PV, single-axis tracking produces cheapest electricity, says IEA-PVPS

The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme’s (IEA-PVPS) latest factsheet covers bifacial PV modules and advanced tracking systems. It says a combination of bifacial modules with single-axis tracking could increase energy output by up to 35%.

Solar supply chain, technology trends, and policy update

A report from Clean Energy Associates (CEA) provides the latest on global and regional solar supply chains, technological trends, and market impacts from policy.

All-perovskite tandem solar cell based on tin-lead perovskite achieves 27.8% efficiency

Scientists in the United States have fabricated an all-perovskite tandem solar cell that reportedly shows reduced interfacial energy loss in the cell’s top device. It was built with a hole transport layer based on a compound known as P3CT that was doped with lead iodide.

Amazon hits 100% renewable energy goal seven years ahead of schedule

The retail giant matched 100% of the electricity used in its operations with investments in renewable energy in 2023.

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