Canadian startup unveils residential air source heat pump for cold climates


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Terravis Energy, a subsidiary of Canadian technology company Worksport Ltd., has presented a prototype of a residential air source heat pump intended for use in heating and cooling applications.

“Our heat pump utilizes the phase change of a proprietary fluid to transfer heat,” the company’s CEO, Lorenzo Rossi, told pv magazine. “The prototype is currently undergoing testing in Worksport’s climate chamber in Toronto.”

The company conducted tests at its facility in Ontario to monitor the system performance across a range of 12 temperature points from -10 C to -35 C. It also tested refrigerant pressure zones, airflow, and the energy consumption of all heat pump components. Furthermore, it said conventional heat pumps on the market are not efficient at providing sufficient comfort levels at temperatures under -20 C.

“Our heat pump’s goal is to provide heat to homes in as low as -35 C, which we believe will make us the most effective heat pump technology in the market,” Rossi added.

The heat pump showed a coefficient of performance (COP) of around 1.8 and a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of approximately 3.0. “It’s essential to note that these values are influenced by our local climate conditions and might differ in other regions”, Rossi explained.

The prototype is currently using R32 refrigerant, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 675, which the company said aligns with the new mandate for 2024 requiring refrigerants to have a GWP of 750 or less in Canada.

The company also said the heat pump system doesn’t utilize expensive electric resistance heating.

“The price of the Terravis Energy heat pump is expected to align with current market offerings, though it might be slightly higher, in the range of $1,000 to $2,000,” Rossi stressed. “This increase can be attributed to the advanced technology and AI software embedded in the motherboard, as well as the inclusion of new hardware components, which contribute to its advanced features and capabilities.

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