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Lithium-ion battery fire danger causes recall of 433,000 solar LED umbrellas

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued a joint recall for patio umbrellas due to fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries. overheating


Sunrise brief: Democrats optimistic Manchin will cooperate on climate bill

Also on the rise: US government drops land lease rates for renewables by as much as 50%. Three in one: wind, solar, and storage facility completed in Oregon. And more.

Solar highway noise barriers to be deployed across North America

Buildings-integrated photovoltaics maker Mitrex plans to deploy highway noise barriers with integrated solar that have 1.2 MW of capacity per kilometer. The technology is currently in the pilot phase at government entity locations in North America.

Westbridge Energy announces 250 MW solar and storage project in Alberta

The project’s announcement now brings Westbridge’s total solar development pipeline to 985 MW, with an additional 300 MW of battery storage capacity alongside.

Butterflies, bees, sheep, and solar energy production can coexist

EDF Renewables maintains a 23.4 MW agrivoltaic facility that supports local wildlife and agriculture. Since it was installed in 2009, the project pioneered efforts in supporting bees, butterflies, and sheep grazing.


Sunrise brief: Test your knowledge of solar in the US with this quiz for Earth Day

Also on the rise: Governor Whitmer announces Michigan Healthy Climate Plan. Polar Racking provides foundations and racking for solar plus storage project on Prince Edward Island. Catalyze collaborates with Stream Realty Partners to deploy 450 MW of renewable energy. Ontario amends net metering policy to allow third-party ownership.

Ontario amends net metering policy to allow third-party ownership

Prior to these amendments, Ontario’s net metering regulation required the customer to own or operate the renewable generation system to qualify as an eligible generator.

Polar Racking provides foundations and racking for solar plus storage project on Prince Edward Island

The 26 MW Sunbank solar and storage project in Summerside, PEI will also feature a 10 MW battery storage system and is expected to reduce the city’s imports of electricity from 58% to 38%.

Salient Energy develops Zinc-ion battery for residential applications

Developed by Canadian start-up Salient Energy, the zinc-ion battery has a rated capacity of 60 Ah, a nominal voltage of 1.3 V, and a volumetric energy density of 100 Wh/L.

Canadian university to be equipped with a stealthy solar façade/microgrid

Building-integrated photovoltaics provider Mitrex said its system will provide St. Mary’s University student residence with a power-producing microgrid.

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