New US-made residential LFP battery, inverter, and monitoring system


Briggs & Stratton, which acquired California battery maker SimpliPHI Power late in 2021, announced the launch of the SimpliPHI Energy Storage System (ESS), with the product available to order beginning June 14. The integrated, scalable solution starts with three core components, a 6 kW inverter, 4.9 kWh battery, and a proprietary monitoring system. The system will be on display at the RE+ conference in Anaheim this September.

The battery uses lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) chemistry, which is known for its advantage of having a minimized fire risk when compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. It negates the use of cobalt, a metal associated with health hazards, and a key culprit in battery fires.

“Our energy storage solutions are held to industry-leading standards. From the chemistry, form factor and manufacturing processes of the batteries to the testing and validation requirements on behalf of our customers, we seek to provide a safer and more reliable solution,” said Catherine Von Burg, president and CEO, SimpliPHI Power.

The 6 kW inverter has integrated multiple power point tracking for solar or utility charging in either DC coupled or retrofit AC coupled systems. The inverter’s eight-millisecond switchover time prevents flickering lights and equipment damage associated with power outages. It is optimized for the LFP battery, and scalable in 6 kW increments.

The LFP battery negates the use of cobalt, a key culprit in battery fires.
Image: Briggs & Stratton

The battery contains a closed-loop communications system in its battery management system, which logically integrates with the inverter and proprietary EnergyTrak management software. It is scalable from one module to 72, for a total energy storage capacity of up to 358.5 kWh. The battery and inverter are both IP65 rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

The monitoring system allows users to manage energy usage through a mobile app that provides real-time status and updates. The system enables performance optimization, boosts utility bill savings, and creates energy security for customers.

“With aging power grids, more frequent outages and unpredictable weather patterns, the addition of the SimpliPHI ESS to our product lineup is another solution for people looking for an innovative, scalable energy system for their home or business,” said Tom Rugg, president, Energy Solutions at Briggs & Stratton.

SimpliPHI batteries are backed with over 110 years of power experience, with batteries deployed in over 40 countries. The equipment comes with six to ten year limited warranties. The batteries are capable of integration with solar arrays, the power grid, and backup generators.

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