This yacht sets sail with solar


Baltic Yachts began delivery in July of its Baltic 146 Path, which includes an 8,714 watt solar rooftop and energy storage system designed by Solbian Solar using the company’s walkable solar modules.

Recently, some of the yacht’s technical work has been shared online. Built from 1,742 monocrystalline solar cells, many of the 86 solar panels were custom cut to fit the deck’s shape by the Solibian team in Italy. The units were based on the company’s Super Rugged (SR) Series.

The SR series has solar cell busbar technology developed by Merlin Solar. In one video, the Merlin team drives over the solar panel, throws bags of cement on it, and even shoots it with a bow and arrow in an effort to prove the product’s resilience. The company said its busbar technology makes this kind of abuse possible.

Many of the 86 solar panels were custom cut to fit the deck’s shape by the Solibian team in Italy.

The 60 square meters of solar panels produces 30-50 kWh of energy per day. The company said that’s enough to power all of the onboard electronic equipment–including navigation, autopilot, lighting, and entertainment–for around seven hours.

Once the sun goes down, a Mastervolt MLI 44kWh LiFePO4 battery pack allows the diesel generator mostly to stay off, providing generally silent operation for 14-18 hours.

Baltic Yacht’s solar system is roughly half the size of the Silent 60’s 16.8 kWdc solar plus storage system. The Silent 60 is a solar-propelled yacht less than half the lengthBaltic yacht and price, which reaches 6-8 knots on solar power alone. The Path does not feature electric propulsion and therefore relies on diesel engines when the wind dies down.

Since the Path uses a sail for propulsion, the team installed 154 bypass diodes and 12 solar panel strings and trackers – Mastervolt SCM-60 MPPTS – in an effort to maximize power output and minimize the effect of the sail’s shadows on the panels. The entire solar system, including wiring, controllers and small parts, weighs less than 300kg, the company said

The 146 Path has an overall length of 146 feet. The yacht can accommodate eight in addition to the ship’s owner, as well as eight crew members. Path carries two tenders, an 8hp Torqeedo electric outboard-powered RIB, and a 6.5m twin-engined RibEye. There are also two ultra-lightweight Reverso Match sailing dinghies.

Don’t scratch the paint! The solar-equipped yacht is towed through a shipyard.

When the front tender is deployed, its storage container can be turned into a pool.

The ship’s main diesel engine is a 405kW (550hp), six-cylinder Scania. The specific model isn’t listed, however the “DI13 092M IMO Tier III, EU Stage IIIA” lines up with all of the stats and looks like the unit in a video of the engine being installed.

The owner’s suite includes a sleeping cabin, and an en suite lounge with a glass divider doubling as a movie, tv, and sailing information screen. An upper lounge features a 2.7m-long video wall.

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