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Puerto Rico

Roadmap to achieving Puerto Rico’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050

The report defines implementation actions, highly detailed in the PR 100 Final Report, but which are summarized into five actions from immediate to long-term to recurring.

Puerto Rico program to bring low-cost solar and batteries to 30,000 households 

Applications open February 22 for the DOE’s Solar Access Program for eligible single family homeowners in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico distributed solar climbs to 680 MW, residential storage to 1.6 GWh

While distributed solar and storage are advancing quickly in Puerto Rico, utility-scale solar and storage procurements ordered by Puerto Rico regulators in 2020 have made little progress.

Decarbonizing disaster response

Diesel generators have been the workhorse of disaster relief for decades but as the frequency of extreme weather events rises, so do calls to decarbonize the emergency response. Sustainability may not be the only benefit to using solar in a crisis, as pv magazine discovers.

DEPCOM Power is constructing Puerto Rico’s largest hybrid solar project

The company is developing a 90 MW solar / 51.5 MW energy storage project with an agrivoltaic pilot program.

Caribbean could become offshore floating solar PV giant, researcher says

Land is scarce but water is abundant for the Caribbean’s 700 islands. Solar economy professor Christian Breyer tells pv magazine that the region’s archipelagic makeup is not a drawback but a benefit for renewable energy generation.

Sunnova to participate in battery emergency program in Puerto Rico

Distributed solar and storage customers sign up with Sunnova to participate in the Flex Power Program. By compensating customers for the power supplied by their batteries, they are incentivized to participate in the program designed to provide energy that reduces strain on the grid and minimizes blackouts at critical times.

DOE announces over $450 million for solar-plus-storage in Puerto Rico

The funding will support the installation of solar and storage, as well as providing outreach to identify and connect eligible households.

Sunrise brief: Caltech researchers beam solar from space

Also on the rise: FEMA funds $97 million Puerto Rico microgrid with 15 MW solar, 12 MWh storage. Redflow to build 20 MWh redox-flow battery in California. And more.

FEMA funds $97 million Puerto Rico microgrid with 15 MW solar, 12 MWh storage

The microgrid project is a rare example of the allocation of disaster relief funds for rebuilding Puerto Rico’s grid with solar and storage.

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