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Transparent solar glass to debut at RE+ in Anaheim

Toledo Solar, an Ohio-based solar manufacturer, is introducing semi-transparent see-through solar glass designed to be used in net-zero buildings, greenhouses, and more.

First Solar to invest up to $1.2 billion in expanding U.S. solar manufacturing by 4.4 GW

New 3.5 GWDC manufacturing facility planned in the U.S. Southeast; Ohio plant expands and gets a $185 million upgrade.

Sunrise brief: Ten Ohio counties have banned large scale wind and solar

Also on the rise: 50 States of solar incentives: West Virginia. California extends solar property tax exemption, Missouri does not. And more.

Ten Ohio counties have banned large scale wind and solar

After implementing SB 52 last fall, ten rural Ohio jurisdictions have banned large “single interconnection” wind or solar facilities in unincorporated areas.


DOE launches $20 million consortium to advance US-made cadmium telluride solar cells

The Cadmium Telluride Accelerator Consortium will work toward making continued cost and efficiency improvements that will make CdTe more competitive on the global market.


Sunrise brief: National Solar Jobs Census finds that solar jobs increased 9% nationwide in 2021

Also on the rise: New home battery can provide backup power as well as smart time of use charging/discharging. Connecticut to allow distributed resources to compete with distribution grid upgrades. And more.

GM and LG receive $2.5 billion DOE loan to build three battery manufacturing plants

Battery manufacturing facilities will be built in Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan to produce EV batteries under the Ultium Cell name.


Sunrise brief: How Mosaic is able to accelerate growth in uncertain times

Also on the rise: Toledo Solar talks made-in-USA solar for stable supply chains, lower emissions, fair labor. What’s the value of curtailing renewables? And more.

Made-in-USA solar for stable supply chains, lower emissions, fair labor

Toledo Solar founder Aaron Bates joined pv magazine usa to explain the benefits of US made solar and cadmium telluride technology.


Roll-out solar racking collects rainwater, cuts land use requirements

The gutter-like racking system from Roll-A-Rack collects rainwater that can be used for irrigation.