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U.S. manufacturer Toledo Solar closes business

The Ohio based thin-film solar module producer was sued last year by First Solar, alleged that Toledo Solar sold Malaysian-made First Solar modules under the Toledo name.

Origami Solar sets up regional fabrication of steel solar panel frames

Partnerships with steel equipment producers in Ohio and two locations in Texas will enable Origami to have its steel solar module frames shipped from fabricator to module manufacturer in one to two days, the company says.

Researchers demonstrate 25%-efficient perovskite-cadmium tandem solar cell

University of Toledo researchers say the cell has a top perovskite cell with a transparent back contact made of indium zinc oxide and a commercially established cadmium telluride bottom device. They claim the champion tandem cell has the potential to reach a 30% efficiency.

Solidion seeks to provide sodium-based electrolytes as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries

The company says the technology’s better cycle times and potential lower costs would benefit grid storage and EV sectors.

Sodium battery startup wins People’s Choice Award at Industry Growth Forum

Adena Power is developing an energy storage solution using sodium batteries and domestically-sourced raw materials.


Ohio’s $1 billion, 800 MW solar project gains regulatory approval

One of the nation’s largest solar projects has been approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board.

Doral Renewables secures $114 million for Ohio solar project

The utility-scale solar project will supply power to the PJM regional transmission operator.

The top five states for solar deployment in 2023

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released an overview of the top states for solar installation last year.

Cadmium telluride solar cell based on indium gallium oxide emitter achieves 17.2%

Developed by the University of Toledo, the cell achieved the highest efficiency ever reported for flexible cadmium telluride solar cells to date. The device reached an open-circuit voltage of 861 mV, a short-circuit density of 27.8 mA/cm2, and a fill factor of 71.7%.

Ohio’s largest solar complex activates its first phase

The first 194 MW of a 749 MW solar project was activated by EDF Renewables North America and Enbridge.

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