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The Solar Foundation’s new site matches solar jobs and job seekers

The foundation’s new website,, is designed to be a clearinghouse where people can find jobs in the rapidly growing solar sector.

Coal may still be king, but solar is where the power is (with video)

Dear Ms. Morissette: THIS is how you do irony. The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham, Kentucky, flipped the switch yesterday on solar array in an attempt to save money and preserve the history of coal country.

Maryland pilot program would add 200 MW of community solar

The application process for new community solar projects begins on Monday and will run through May 5.

Indiana hurtles toward a “less solar” future

SB 309 – the controversial anti-solar bill proposed this year in the Indiana Legislature by Sen. Brandt Hershman – passed the House yesterday and could be on governor’s desk later this week.


Did Florida Power & Light write anti-rooftop solar legislation?

Not exactly. But enough similarities between a memo sent to Rep. Ray Rodriguez by the utility raises serious questions about House Bill 1351, which is meant to implement a tax exemption passed last year designed to encourage rooftop-solar installations.

Massachusetts expected to add 400 MW in community solar

Over the next two years, a backlog of community solar projects, driven by a desire to be grandfathered under more generous net-metering rates, will allow more than six times the megawattage already installed in the state to be completed.

NRG begins moving solar, wind O&M in-house

The power giant shifted 2.5 GW of solar and wind projects to its internal operations and maintenance team in 2016, and is planning on sending another 900 MW in-house this year.


First Solar seeking sale of its share in yieldco 8point3 Energy

The Arizona-headquartered solar power company wants to strategically align its resources to support its new Series 6 module, and thus seeks sale of its stake in the joint SunPower yieldco. SunPower reaffirms belief that the yieldco can deliver long-term assets and growth.

Leading analysts forecast global solar growth in 2017

Figures published today by both IHS Markit and GTM research forecast annual growth in the global solar market in 2017, albeit at a slower rate than was seen in 2016. The analysts predict continued demand from the four largest markets, particularly China and India, as the key drivers behind this growth.

Natcore’s Foil Cell creeps closer to commercialization

The U.S. cell manufacturer announced a partnership with Italian manufacturer Coveme to accelerate the development and commercialization of Natcore’s latest cell innovation.


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