DTE seeks to increase fixed charges on solar customers in rate case

Media coverage to date has focused largely on DTE Energy’s electric vehicle programs. But in the 1108-page filing, the utility is also seeking to increase fixed charges, including imposing a per-kW charge on its customers who go solar.


Michigan could create 69,000 job-years on a path to 30% renewables by 2027

Adding solar and wind would yield 1600 direct job-years per gigawatt in construction, 1200 direct job-years per gigawatt in O&M, and many more indirect and induced job-years.

Consumers Energy reveals details of solar deployment in IRP

The Michigan utility is taking on an aggressive expansion of solar power, wind and energy storage in hopes to reduce its emissions to 20% of 2005 levels.


Consumers Energy pledges 5 GW of solar by 2030

Details are sparse, but the Michigan utility plans to put the first plant online in 2021, as part of a commitment to reach 43% renewable energy by 2040.

Michigan integrated resource plans pivotal to hold utilities accountable after clean energy compromise

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Matt Kasper of Energy and Policy Institute lays out the five things to look for in upcoming filings.

PJM capacity auction results show solar boom

The results of a 2021/2022 auction saw an additional 964 MW of utility-scale solar projects bidding in to supply capacity, suggesting a boom in solar.

Rush to gas risks hundreds of billions in stranded assets

A new report by Rocky Mountain Institute finds that gas plants proposed across the United States over the next 15 years could be replaced by clean energy portfolios at a net savings, and that these projects are at risk of becoming stranded assets.

Michigan utilities concede to 25% renewable energy by 2030

DTE Energy and Consumers have reached an agreement with the Tom Steyer-backed campaign and are adopting 25% renewable energy goals, with Consumers seeking 40% by 2040.


Utility-scale solar: A cost-effective, reliable cornerstone for America’s economic growth

In this op-ed SEIA’s Abigail Hopper and Martin Hermann of 8minutenergy argue that the rapid growth of solar and storage will completely reshape America’s energy economy for the better, with cheaper, cleaner power, and that the shift is already taking place across this country.

DTE Electric prices $525 million in green bonds

The Michigan power company is planning to float 30 year bonds to cover renewable energy and energy efficiency investments, while taking other steps to favor continued reliance on fossil fuels over renewable energy.

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