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Puerto Rico could approach 40% renewables by 2025

Rapidly deploying 5.2 GW of planned solar and storage in Puerto Rico to reach 36% renewables, a possibility raised in a report by six national laboratories, would require an improvement in the Puerto Rico utility’s practices, which involve delays at several steps of the procurement process.

Sunrise brief: Duke Energy carbon plan sells ratepayers short 

Also on the rise: Mexico could reach its goal of 35% clean electricity by 2024. Trina Solar’s new 6.5 GW Vietnam wafer plant to exclusively supply U.S. market. And more.

NREL study shows how Mexico could reach its goal of 35% clean electricity by 2024

A study funded by the U.S. State Department models doubling solar capacity in Mexico by 2024.

Center for Biological Diversity sues FEMA to disclose funding for renewables versus fossils

With billions of dollars of federal disaster relief funding having been allocated to restore energy infrastructure, the Center for Biological Diversity has filed a lawsuit to obtain federal records on how that money has been spent.


North American EV battery production forecast to reach 1 TWh annually by 2030

Rust Belt states of the Midwest have estimated production capacity of 30 GW to over 100 GW per year of EV batteries, with California and Ontario adding capacity as well.

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Also on the rise: American Battery Factory chooses Tucson as the place for giga-plant. Biden admin wants to shore up resiliency with solar-plus-storage in Puerto Rico. And more.

Biden admin seeks $3 billion for rooftop solar and storage in Puerto Rico

The unincorporated territory continually suffers from grid blackouts following the landfall of hurricanes.

Off-grid solar plus storage EV ARC systems to be deployed by Puerto Rico government agencies

Puerto Rico’s power grid requires more than $130 billion in repairs after recent hurricanes. Solar and storage companies have provided distributed energy solutions in the aftermath of increasing storms.

Sunrise brief: Visualizing the remarkable progress of solar energy 

Also on the rise: PEG racking system survives near-direct 120 mph hurricane hit in Cuba. EIA study finds high solar penetration states showed resiliency to major power outages. And more.

PEG racking system survives near-direct 120 mph hurricane hit in Cuba

PEG’s low profile, 180 MPH wind code approved, high-density racking system weathered a powerful Category 3 hurricane, less than 50 miles from the eye wall.

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