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Green Banks may compete for $27 billion from fund set up by Inflation Reduction Act

$15 billion of the funds appropriated under the Inflation Reduction Act will support low-income and disadvantaged communities, including $7 billion for zero-emission technologies such as rooftop solar. The other $12 billion will support additional investments in low- and zero-emission projects.

Sunrise brief: National Solar Jobs Census finds that solar jobs increased 9% nationwide in 2021

Also on the rise: New home battery can provide backup power as well as smart time of use charging/discharging. Connecticut to allow distributed resources to compete with distribution grid upgrades. And more.

Connecticut to allow distributed resources to compete with distribution grid upgrades

Connecticut would join five other states in enabling distributed storage, solar and other non-wires alternatives to compete with traditional distribution system capacity upgrades, under a program being finalized by Connecticut regulators.


Incentives drive solar adoption among low- to middle-income residents

With the emerging energy justice agenda, US policymakers could use incentives to help low- to moderate-income households adopt solar, according to a recent Lawrence Berkeley National Lab report.


Sunrise brief: 50 states of solar incentives–spotlight on Connecticut

Also on the rise: Largest solar project in Wisconsin gets regulatory approval. Aspen Power to acquire 53MW of community solar projects from Trajectory Energy Partners. 6K awarded $1.5 million Massachusetts manufacturing grant to fund battery recycling equipment. Solar anti-circ investigation may not be determined by Commerce until late August, said ROTH.

50 states of solar incentives: Connecticut

Connecticut administers strong solar-supportive state policies, a benefit to its residents who pay nearly 50% more than the national average for electricity.

Borrego to bring distributed solar and storage to hydropower facilities in New England

Partnership with FirstLight Power focuses on development of new DG solar, DG storage and utility-scale standalone storage at hydropower facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Sunrise brief: How anticircumvention investigation will affect the solar industry

Also on the rise: Washington DC Attorney General filed complaint against utility for general incompetence in managing the community solar program. EIA’s US grid-scale energy storage usage profiles, innovation, and growth outlook. Freedom Forever overtakes Tesla in the top three spot for the first time. New Orleans launches community solar program. Green Mountain Power selects Enphase batteries for pilot lease discount program. Connecticut colleges and universities to benefit from solar. And the bad news is…World will need 5.2TW of solar this decade to avoid climate breakdown

Connecticut colleges and universities to benefit from solar

Through virtual net metering, a 6.1MW solar installation is expected to provide more than $9 million in energy savings for five Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) campuses.

Sunrise brief: Solar starts strong, growing 40% year over year in January

Also on the rise: Four Northeast states form consortium to develop regional clean hydrogen hub. NREL researchers work on developing high energy density cells to advance stationary storage. Discovery of “structural earthquake” in cathode formation may improve sodium-ion batteries 20-40%. Federal budget includes $500 million for promoting energy storage.

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