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Wyoming’s “reverse RES” could stop utility-scale solar

Wyoming Bill SF 71, introduced last week on the first day of the 2017 legislative session, would restrict the state’s utilities from selling electricity generated from solar under penalty of $10/MWh.


NV Energy asks PUC to reverse $2.92 million net-metering directive

In a filing with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, the state’s primary utility says the cost savings were meant to apply to a broader set of customers and shouldn’t be limited to support future solar customers’ net-metering needs.

Jigar Shah and Karl Rábago talk policy, pragmatism at NYSES event

Officials from pv magazine served as MC and moderator for the event in New York City

Corporations covet clean-energy choices

A new report by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) indicates businesses want to settle in states with good clean-energy infrastructures.

China continues dominance of global renewable energy

A new report examines China’s clean energy investments, which go well beyond its borders, as well as its increasing dominance of PV production and lithium ion processing.

Hopper at SEIA completes women’s superfecta

When Abigail “Abby” Ross Hopper assumes her duties as president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association next week, it signals a new course for the national association and ushers in an era when the six most powerful association positions in the U.S. solar industry will be held by women.


New import duty calculations put higher rates on Canadian Solar

This year’s review of the U.S. trade ruling on Chinese PV cells would otherwise keep duties at similar levels to previous years, but it is expected that few companies will end up paying them.

Maryland solar advocates call for veto override

When the new Maryland legislature begins its session next week, one of its first orders of business will be to consider overriding Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of the Clean Energy Jobs Act. Solar advocates say that reversing Hogan’s decision could lead to a solar boom in the state.

CALSEIA names ‘right person’ to presidency in ‘uncertain times’

Ed Murray, CEO and president of Sacramento, Calif., based Aztec Solar, says he’ll use his position to protect and expand solar in the state, as well as lead the charge in the fight against Climate Change.

From the editor: James Hansen is behind the times on wind and solar

James Hansen has played a very important role in publicizing the dangers of Climate Change. But his remarks on renewable energy show that he is not well informed on the current state of wind, solar and grid integration.


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