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Solar represented 13% of California’s power in 2016

One in eight electrons generated at a facility in California came from a solar panel, according to data from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Two bills show Missouri’s solar split personality

The “Show Me” state is showing the enormous rift between legislators that want solar to flourish in the state and those who want to try to strangle the rooftop-solar industry before it can grow.

Bill Seitz is back, still trying to kill solar in Ohio

Former Ohio State Sen. Bill Seitz, now freshly minted Rep. Bill Seitz, is still doggedly trying to kill the solar industry in the state by making its already-miniscule renewable-portfolio standard (RPS) optional for the state’s utilities.

NREL: Solar + storage costs twice as much as solar (with chart)

The National Lab’s latest report uses its renowned cost modeling to find that even a PV system with small batteries costs nearly twice as much as a standalone PV system.


Anheuser-Busch commits to 100% renewable energy

With $46 billion in annual revenue, the beer giant is one of the largest companies to date to take a 100% renewable energy pledge.

The slow walk: Interview with Nathan Serota of BNEF on Trump’s executive order

Yesterday U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order to roll back federal regulations on the fossil fuel industry while ordering a review and a re-write of the Clean Power Plan. This morning pv magazine talked with Bloomberg New Energy Finance Senior Analyst Nathan Serota about what the solar industry should expect from this sea change in federal regulatory direction.

Trump executive order based on energy fantasies

In his latest executive order, the president and his administration showed a brazen willingness to manipulate fossil fuel workers as they move energy policy back to the 19th century.

GTM Research notes geographical expansion of U.S. energy storage

The company reports that 21 states have at least 20 MW of energy storage projects proposed, under construction or already in place.

Alaska doubles solar capacity in 2016

The Land of the Midnight Sun doesn’t qualify as a state poised for explosive solar growth yet. But with a doubling of installations in one year and solar installers flourishing, it could be a state to hold in the back of your mind for the future.

Texas utility proposes bizarre fixed charges for solar customers

Under Oncor’s proposal, its customers who have PV installed would pay a fixed charge every month based on their historical demand – unless their residential bill would be higher under standard rates.


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