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Sunrise brief: First Solar notches its biggest win via multi-gigawatt orders

Also on the rise: Consumers Energy will add 400 MW of solar, an agrivoltaics clearinghouse launches to help drive the movement, and John Weaver lays out the case for continued California net metering.

Consumers Energy to add 400 MW of solar

Under the agreements, the utility would own and operate one facility, and buy power from the other two.

First Solar signs multi-year deals for 5.4 GW of modules

Lightsource bp and bp placed orders for around 4.4 GWdc of modules, with options for an additional 1 GWdc.

Startup Sunday: Haliburton backs flywheel energy storage

Also starting up: Haliburton funds a company capturing and using waste heat from solar panels, and nonprofit Native Renewables connects Navajo and Hopi families with solar power.

White Pine Renewables to develop Michigan’s first floating solar project

Once completed, 1 MW project will sell power to the township via a power purchase agreement.

Here’s why you need to support California net metering

John Fitzgerald Weaver argues that we need net metering to fully recognize the value of solar power on our homes and businesses.

Agrivoltaics clearinghouse launches to share info on matching solar with farming

The National Center for Appropriate Technology launched the clearinghouse to connect farmers and solar developers with agrivoltaics information.


Sunrise brief: Battery recycling is hot, but lightbulb moments lag

Also on the rise: SunPower will market a VPP offering for energy storage customers, and mPrest CEO Andy Bennett talks with pv magazine about the potential for DER under Build Back Better.

Managing an evolving grid using distributed energy resources

mPrest CEO Andy Bennett joined pv magazine to talk about the future of DERs and the role that distributed energy resource management systems are likely to play.

SunPower launches VPP offering for its energy storage customers

The company will manage charging and discharging the batteries, while keeping some electricity in reserve for backup power to the home.

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