Arizona renewable energy referendum meets signature requirement

Now that a random 5 percent signature sample verification has been mathematically achieved, the only thing standing between the initiative and voters in November is the lawsuit it faces, which starts Monday.

Illinois tightens details of solar valuation, regulates projects on farms

Illinois legislation concerning commercial solar valuation and installations on agricultural land has been signed into law by the governor.

SEIA hires John Smirnow, Tony Chen

Trade lawyer and former VP John Smirnow will rejoin the trade group. SEIA has also hired Tony Chen, formerly of SolarCity and Cool Earth Solar.

Saudis may take Tesla private

Elon Musk has revealed that a Saudi sovereign wealth fund has approached him with a definite offer, and has announced advisors as the company forms a special committee.

Fossil interests, utilities spend almost 10x more than renewables industries on lobbying

Drexel University researchers have shown that $2 billion was spent lobbying Congress on climate-related issues between 2000-2016. Electricity utilities, fossil fuel producers and transportation groups dominate the sources of money put into this process.

What is Elon Musk thinking?

In this post Rob Peters of Intelligize analyzes the possible securities law ramifications of Elon Musk’s Twitter announcement that he may take Tesla private.


Challenges for batteries in the California fire code

A supplement to the California fired code has added a number of new requirements for stationary lithium ion batteries.

RI judge rejects solar project, rules solar to be “manufacturing”

A judge in Rhode Island has overturned a proposed solar farm in Portsmouth, ruling that modules “manufacture” the electricity they generate.


Ex-SolarCity employees allege discrimination, harassment and fake sales reports

The Tesla-owned company finds itself again in legal hot water as a suit brought by ex-employees describes a disturbing workplace culture.


84 gigawatts of community solar, and the plan to get there

GTM Research has delivered its vision for the future of community solar through 2030: delivering opinions on the policy, structure, finance and innovation needed to move the market forward.

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