Congress fights Trump’s solar tariffs

Representative Jacky Rosen (D) of Nevada introduced the ‘Protecting American Solar Jobs Act’ on April 19th. The bill would repeal the tariffs imposed under the Section 201 ruling.


Korea, Japan to retaliate over U.S. solar tariffs

Korea is making good on an earlier promise, and now Japan has joined in. Both nations demand that the Trump Administration reverse the tariffs, or suffer an equivalent volume of retaliatory tariffs.


Virginia Supreme Court upholds 100% renewable energy option

The court has sided against Dominion in a ruling that makes it easier for large energy consumers to sign up for 100% renewable energy options from alternative suppliers.

Lawsuit over Elon Musk’s influence in SolarCity acquisition moves ahead

A Delaware judge has decided that the probability that Musk had significant influence and control over Tesla’s board means the lawsuit should move forward.

FirstEnergy asks DOE for emergency coal, nuclear bailout

The power company is asking for Secretary Perry to use emergency powers to bail out coal and nuclear power plants in the PJM region, as its wholesale generation arm nears bankruptcy.


JA Solar issues strong response to IP theft allegations

Chinese module manufacturer JA Solar has issued a statement refuting assertions made by SolarWorld in hearings conducted last year, which were reported last week in the findings of United States Trade Representative (USTR) report into Chinese practices related to intellectual property.

California’s 100% renewable energy initiative gains steam

A broad coalition is pushing legislation to increase California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 60% by 2030, with 100% CO2 free electricity by 2045.


Arizona governor signs anti-renewables law

Governor Doug Ducey has signed a law which could allow the state’s electric utilities to ignore renewable energy mandates with a fine as small as $100.

Congress overrules Trump, increasing efficiency and renewables budget

In the budget passed by the House and Senate to keep the government funded through September, funding for ARPA-E and the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office both increased by around 15%.


Massachusetts calls for ‘Clean Peak Standard’ to green dirtiest, most expensive power

The State specified that retail electricity suppliers must provide customers with clean electricity during defined ‘clean peak periods’, at less than $0.005/kWh averaged across annual usage.

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