Clean energy inequity can be addressed with data, coordination and policy change at the local level

Communities of color are benefiting less from new clean energy technologies, and as a result, they are paying more for their energy.

Morning Brief: SEIA pushes for solar inclusion in infrastructure bill, 5% of global pv projects are nearing inverter end of life

Also in the brief: a letter calling for electric grid infrastructure, transportation and equity and environmental justice has been delivered to key members of the House, Clir Renewables has secured a $1.25 million loan with Silicon Valley Bank, 580 businesses call on congress to include clean energy in a the next stimulus package and more.

Pirates of the PV industry

Product piracy is a well-known threat in many industries, and in solar the risk posed by poor quality products from disreputable manufacturers making their way onto rooftops and other PV installations should not be underestimated. With manufacturers investing in solutions to protect against inferior products bearing their logo, pv magazine looks at the size of the problem.

PetersenDean, a regional solar installer and roofer, seeks chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

PetersenDean came to solar from the roofing world and has long been a top-ten U.S. solar installer with a multi-state regional practice.


450 environmental, energy justice groups urge FERC to reject threat to net metering

Letter demands that net metering remain in state jurisdiction to ensure clean, resilient energy future.

Catching up on the Elon Musk-Tesla-SolarCity acquisition case

Whether it be for a groundbreaking SpaceX launch or a contentious tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finds himself in the news quite often. Yet, one story that has flown under the radar by the brash businessman’s standards has been going on for four years.


JinkoSolar receives favorable judgment of non-infringement in Hanwha Q CELLS patent claim

The U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that JinkoSolar’s products do not infringe any patent claimed by Hanwha Q-Cells. At the patent’s core is a passivation technology that significantly increases the efficiency of modules.

Renewable energy and the free market economy

How the heavy-handed federal government is straying from its free market ideals and slowing down the renewable energy industry. Take FERC’s recent mandated Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR) in the PJM market, for example.


Morning Brief: Spruce Finance acquires Clearway Energy’s residential solar portfolio, GM to go 100% renewable at Spring Hill

Also in the brief: Ginlong Technologies plans to raise over $100 million, the US–China trade war and COVID-19 have massively impacted coal financing, SunPower’s planned split and establishment of Maxeon Solar Technologies has received approval in China and more.


Renewable advocates suspicious of FERC’s relationship with anti-net metering group

In response to a petition filed by the New England Ratepayers Association calling on FERC to federally control net metering, The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to examine FERC’s relationship with the group and one of its attorneys.


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