Louisiana retroactively fixes solar tax credit

The state’s house and senate have passed a bill to ensure that PV system owners who installed solar by the end of 2015 actually get the tax credit they were promised.

A new approach to unlocking the corporate solar market without virtual net metering

In this guest post for pv magazine USA, Soltage Senior VP Marc Miller looks at the Contract for Differences (CfD) model as a way to further expand corporate adoption of solar, particularly in states that do not have Virtual Net Metering policies.


SEIA warns of potential job impacts of Section 201 petition

While the national solar association warns that 88,000 jobs will be lost in the event that Suniva’s proposal is approved, SolarWorld argues that the dismal outcomes predicted in the last round of trade action never materialized.

Sky Solar launches investigation into former CEO

According to its most recent SEC filing, retained for purposes of handling potential litigation, the company halted trading on its shares on Tuesday, pending the outcome of its internal investigation of its former Chief Executive Officer Weili Su.

TerraForm Global Q4 results one more step towards Brookfield acquisition

The second of SunEdison’s two yieldcos is putting all of its ducks in a row as both companies prepare to be bought by the Canadian asset manager.

Court approves TerraForm Power, Global settlements with SunEdison

The rulings help clear the way for Brookfield’s acquisition of the two yieldcos, closing a long and difficult chapter in the story of the three companies.

OPIC under investigation for loans to Chilean solar projects

An internal U.S. government watchdog is looking at the loans which kick-started large-scale solar in Chile, after at least three of five solar projects have made moves to restructure these loans.

United States informs WTO of trade petition investigation (ITC notification embedded)

The U.S. International Trade Commission has informed the WTO that it is moving forward with its investigation into whether Suniva and SolarWorld deserve “global safeguard” protection from their competitors.

BREAKING: U.S. trade commission moves ahead with Suniva investigation

The International Trade Commission decided late tonight to move forward under Section 201 of the Trade Act of 1974 to investigate whether the bankrupt module maker deserves protection from its Chinese competitors, with potentially severe results for the U.S. solar market.

Extortion attempt undercuts Suniva’s trade case (FULL LETTER EMBEDDED)

In a shocking and bizarre twist to bankrupt panel manufacturer Suniva’s potentially devastating trade-protection petition, the company’s biggest U.S. creditor told the Chinese that for the right price, it could make the trade complaint disappear.

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